Introducing…Our Twins

On September 24, 2014 at 5:37pm we welcome our sweet Peter David into this world…nobles_dice-002

And just 17 minutes and a few pushes later, at 5:55pm we welcomed Thomas Michael…


Peter weighing 5#7 oz and Thomas 6#5 oz of perfection.  The delivery was both easy and hard.  I plan to write a whole birth story soon, but I wanted to introduce the sweet guys first! 🙂


MIA Explanation… ;-)



SURPRISE!  We are expecting TWINS!  Are you as shocked as we were? ha!  So this is *mostly* why I’ve been missing in action lately.  Right about the time I decided I was going to make blogging a priority in my day(read: during naptime), we got the surprise of our lives!

I started feeling funny mid January, so I got up the guts to take a test and it was negative.  Relief.  Addilyn was still nursing every 2-4 hours around the clock…yes, all. night. long.  So we definitely weren’t planning on adding a newborn to the mix any time soon.  But God’s plans are far better than our own.

Still feeling funny, took a test on February 2nd, which also happens to be our engagement anniversary and it was….positive.  We were shocked.  So shocked.  But really happy and excited.  2 days later I started bleeding and things really weren’t looking good.  Went in for some tests and my progesterone levels were low, which can be a sign of miscarriage….but my beta levels were crazy high and more than doubling every 2 days.  When I got off the phone with the nurse regarding the beta results, I jokingly said to Scott “Maybe it’s twins?!”, mostly trying to lighten the mood because it surely seemed the outcome wasn’t going to be what we wanted it to be.  I started supplementing with progesterone(which looking back, is most likely what saved the babies, because my levels were not high enough to support a pregnancy) and continued to bleed for 2 weeks.  We went in for our ultrasound around what we thought was 7 weeks, but we didn’t actually know.

I had been praying and speaking life over the baby in the 2 weeks I had to wait for the ultrasound.  Praying God would protect him/her and that everything would be fine.

I was so nervous.  Scott and I lost our first baby so I know what an empty gestational sac looks like and I was so not ready to see that on the ultrasound screen again.  I really don’t like attention and I really don’t like people feeling sorry for me(dumb, I know), so when we went into the room, I told the ultrasound tech that I had been having problems and wasn’t expecting a good outcome.  I just didn’t want her to be super apologetic or something and make me feel even worse.

As soon as she began the ultrasound, I was thrilled that I could see ‘something’ in that dark space called a gestational sac.  That gave me comfort, and after just a few moments of her poking around, I knew exactly what we were looking at.  The ultrasound tech says….”that’s interesting….do you see anything different?” and I said “well, it looks like there two!” and she says “yep, and they both have heartbeats!!!!”  I can’t even really explain how I felt.  I was expecting bad news, but not only did the baby we were hoping to see, have a heartbeat, we got a bonus baby with a strong heartbeat too!  I think I just said “oh my gosh….” and Scott and I were looking at each other in total shock.

We went on to talk about how the babies are diamniotic/dichorionic which is basically the best/safest kind of twins you can have.  It means they have their own sac and placenta.  Praise the Lord for that!

Here I am 13 weeks pregnant with twins and I couldn’t be more excited.  I have moments where I feel overwhelmed at the thought of caring for two newborns while still taking care of Addilyn, alone.  But I know I can do it and we will figure it out as we go 🙂

And no, this is NOT an april fools joke 😉 But today is Addilyn’s birthday!  I will post more about her birthday party soon!