How we are warding off illness this cold/flu season!

how to stay wellThe million dollar question, right?!  How can we avoid catching every cough, cold and flu this winter season?  I feel like people are dropping like flies around us and I am doing my best to keep our immune systems boosted over here!  I wanted to share what we are doing, in hopes to help some of you stay well this winter too!  So far, Scott and Addilyn have only gotten a slight cold and I think that is pretty good.  I declare  the sickness stops there! 🙂

Everyone knows we need to ‘boost the immune system’.  But not many people actually know how to do it.  I didn’t.  But I have done a lot of research and now I know.  So here are a few things we are doing:

  1. Eat a diet that is packed with whole foods. This is a must.  The processed, prepackaged stuff just isn’t going to cut it.  We can’t expect our bodies to be firing on all cylinders if we ‘nourish’ it with things that aren’t nourishing!  Plain and simple.  Our bodies weren’t designed to be able to process and use those foreign, man-made ingredients.  Throw out that box and grab the fruits and veggies, folks!
  2. Use immune boosting supplements.  In a perfect world, we would all eat nothing but fruits and veggies, but let’s be real, it’s probably not going to happen, at least not everyday.  So to make up for the times when we do eat a boxed meal, we supplement:
  • Quality Multi-vitamin.  We use Shaklee because they are the best whole foods vitamin there is, period.  Don’t believe me?  Do some research.  You will quickly learn that even the vitamin your doctor prescribes you for prenatals is synthetically manufactured in a lab.  Yuck.
  • Vitamin D3.  Again, we use Shaklee for the same reasons as previously mentioned.  We don’t take this vitamin in the spring and summer when we are outside soaking up the rays, but in the winter months, most people need it and it is a great immune booster. (Addilyn takes the Carlson’s brand D drops)
  • Elderberry Syrup.  I seriously don’t know how I have gone so long without knowing about this magical stuff!  I discovered it early in 2013 and I have not been sick since.  It is a natural immune booster and we take it daily as a preventative in the winter months and then up the dose if we “feel something coming on”.  Addilyn takes the version that is safe for kiddos and one of these days I am going to make my own!
  • High quality probiotic.  A healthy, and balanced gut is essential to staying well.  Probiotics help support the good bacteria that fight off illness in your body.
  • Essential Oils.  There are a lot of oils that help with illness.  But Doterra’s On Guard is one of my favorites.  We diffuse it in our home to kill bacteria’s that cause illness and we also mix it with coconut oil and rub it on the soles of our feet before we go out and when we “feel something coming on”.  I made wipes with it and used it as a disinfectant on the plane rides to and from Texas in November.  I was getting a sore throat a couple weeks ago and I took a teaspoon of Elderberry syrup and rubbed On Guard on my feet and within an hour my sore throat was gone and I never got sick.  I love it.
  1. Wash your hands.  Kind of a no-brainer, but this is important.  Hand sanitizer is great for when you are out and need a quick clean.  But hand sanitizer is so harsh, it actually kills the good bacteria on your hands and may actually leave you even more susceptible to germs.  So whenever we get home from being out, we wash our hands with good ol’ soap and water.  When Scott gets home from work, the first thing he does is wash his hands.  Important stuff 😉

So there you have it!  Those are just a few of the things we are doing this year to hopefully keep from dealing with the flu or other viruses.  I hope you found this helpful and thanks for reading! 🙂