Baby-Wearing 101

One of my favorite things to do and talk about these days…baby-wearing.   (thanks for those of you that asked me to write about it!  You must know I love it:))

Let’s dive right in, shall we?

Basic wearing/wrapping fabrics and devices(least expensive to most expensive):

Moby(or other ‘stretchy wraps’)


It’s very long and made of a thick material. I bought one and only used it a couple times before I realized it was way too hot for us. The thick material traps in our body heat and Addilyn and I would sweat in it…no fun. It’s also not very supportive and as your baby grows it will start to become unsafe.  You can NOT do back carries with a stretchy wrap, it is not safe for your little one.  You can find these used for really cheap, I got mine brand new on CL for $10.  I think they retail for $45+

Ring Sling


These are wonderful! I made mine out of 100% linen. The ease of use is unmatched. You just toss it over your shoulder, tighten it up a little and pop baby right in! Easy as can be, I love it for quick trips to the store. I would suggest purchasing from if you choose this option. She makes awesome slings, I have friends with them.  Depending on the fabric used, these will run you $50+  Or if you make your own-$20 🙂


goofy picture, but you can see the RS in action…I’m vacuuming, minding my own business when I look up and see a camera in my face! lol!

Soft Structured Carriers

We have an ergo, mostly for Scott, as I’m not a fan of it.  It’s too bulky for me. The trick with these are being sure that they have a nice wide seat. You want the fabric to stretch from knee to knee, otherwise it doesn’t properly support the baby’s hips and impedes development(yikes!). Also, you never want to carry your baby forward facing, in a carrier or a wrap for the same reason. Ergo and Boba are two really great ones and are made properly. The Bjorn and Infantino are notoriously rotten for the baby’s hips, you will want to avoid those.  These are  around $100+

Woven Wrap

(my personal favorite!)



These are so versatile and come in many different fabrics and lengths. I like them because they are super soft.  I have woven cotton which is breathable and light. These wraps are made for wearing infants all the way through toddlerhood. From front carries to hip carries to back carries. These come with a bit of a learning curve to get the hang of wrapping, but I just watched a bunch of youtube videos to learn how.  Most people suggest starting with a size 6, which is a lot of fabric–15 feet I think. But it gives you the options to do a LOT of different carries to figure out which are your favorite.  Depending on the size, brand and fabric, these will easily cost $100+  (the really cool thing about wovens, is that they sometimes sell used for more than you pay for a brand new one.  a broken-in wrap is more sought after than a brand new stiff one, so you can make your money back easily if you end up not liking your wrap).

I love wrapping with my cotton wovens because it feels like I’m just giving her a big hug!  The fabric is so soft and Addilyn loves it.  She gets excited and starts kicking her feet and squealing when I pull out one of my wraps–I love it!  Besides the fact that they are soft…they are gorgeous!  There are hundreds and hundreds of colors and patterns to choose from–there is something out there for everyone!

The rainbow woven above is a ‘girasol rainbow springs’ and the wrap below is a ‘kokadi erna im wunderland’



The list of reasons I love ‘wearing’ Addilyn is long.  But the gist is that I can still hold my girl close, just like she needs, but also get things done around the house and go grocery shopping with two free hands.  It’s a no-brainer and I honestly don’t know how Mom’s do without ‘wearing’ their babies, especially once you have a toddler and new baby!

Yes, wraps are kind of expensive.  But the woven wraps are specifically made and tested to be really safe and that is so worth the extra money!  Whenever I want to purchase something expensive that isn’t necessary, I sell something that I have and don’t use anymore.  To get my Erna, I sold 3 coach bags on ebay and came out with an extra $30…score!

I will leave you with one of my favorite pictures.  I seriously look at it everyday because I can’t get over how much Addilyn has changed and grown.  I love it and I love wearing my sweet girl!


A few helpful links:

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Want to learn about all the different carries?  Youtube it!  There are hundreds of instructional videos!  My favorite carries are ‘front wrap cross carry’, ‘kangaroo carry’, ‘front cross carry’, ‘poppins hip carry’ and ‘robins hip carry’, all in a woven wrap 🙂

Happy Baby-Wearing!