Addilyn Grows — 6 Months!

Wow am I behind or what?  Addilyn just turned *gasp* 9 months yesterday!  I won’t even get in to all the excuses I have for not blogging, ha!  But I really, really want to get back in to it.  I just love documenting our lives, so I will never forget how much fun we had.

IMG_0642At 6 months, Addilyn:

  • sits up on her own, though still tips over on occasion
  • still sleeps in the co-sleeper next to me at night and wakes every 2-3 to nurse
  • scoots along the floor pretty well, it takes a while, but she can get to where she wants to go
  • laughs a lot, especially at Daddy
  • loves bath time still
  • we have been working on sign language since she was 3 months old.  she can now sign ‘milk’ and we are still working on ‘bye’, ‘bath’ and ‘all done’
  • has two teeth on the bottom and loves to brush them.  The pediatric dental assistant in me is determined to keep her from having to endure cavities and fillings and all that mess!
  • top gums are swollen and I am sure she will get those 2 up top very soon
  • naps are hit or miss, she is still on her morning and afternoon nap schedule, just some of the naps are 10-20 minutes, others are an hour
  • she had her first taste of avocado and banana!

First time trying avocado


Second time trying avocado, I think she liked it better the 2nd time 🙂


First time trying avocado. LOL!

IMG_0728 IMG_0777 IMG_0934 IMG_1044 IMG_1086 IMG_1108 IMG_1217 IMG_1246 IMG_1322 IMG_1456

She is full of joy and life and her Daddy and I are incredibly thankful for her!


Addilyn Grows – 5 Months!

How it is possible, I’m not sure…but Addilyn is just a day away from being 6 months old!


At 5 months, Addilyn:

  • can roll over exceptionally well!  She uses it as her main method of maneuvering around the floor.
  • loves playing on the floor!  We spread toys and tupperware containers all over the floor and she has a ball!
  • her favorite toy right now is a tupperware container filled with large plastic ‘coins’ that go to another toy.  She shakes the container for hours…haha!
  • has two teeth on the bottom, they popped through her gums just a couple days before she turned 5 months.
  • loves to ‘dance’, especially with Daddy.  She lays on the floor and Daddy stands at her feet and dances and she wiggles and kicks her legs and swings her arms while giggling, it’s the cutest thing!
  • is very playful and goofy, she will do almost anything to get us to laugh at her.  And when we laugh, she laughs, I love it!
  • visited Bergey’s dairy for the first time
  • went to the pumpkin patch and pet piglets and goats
  • went to the zoo for the first time, though she was more interested in the kids we were with than the animals!
  • sitting up really well, we can’t leave her because she does tip over, but for the most part she can hold herself steady
  • suddenly isn’t interested in books.  She gets really frustrated that she can’t eat the book the entire time we are reading it…so we are taking a little break from books, but will keep trying!
  • won’t fall asleep on her own, in a crib.  I have to walk her around, wear her in a wrap or sling or nurse her to sleep.  We are working on it though…
  • had her first injury 😦 We were eating lunch while Addilyn was scooting around the floor and somehow she scooted her way over to the bookshelf, we were watching her, but she lunged forward right into the edge of it and once she discovered that it hurt, she kept pushing her head into it trying to scoot backwards, so she ended up hitting her head several times before I could RUN over to pick her up.  Once I got to her, she was already in the crying-so-hard-I-can’t-breathe stage and let out quite the holler when she caught her breath 😦 I felt HORRIBLE!  She had a tiny little red mark for a few hours and then it went away.  I can’t even describe how fast my heart sank when I saw she was hurt.  Poor baby.
  • wakes 2 times at night to nurse, usually around 2am and 5am.  Then goes back to sleep until 7:30ish
  • nurses every 2-3 hours during the day
  • has recently learned how to squeal the highest pitch squeal I have ever heard, lol!  It’s really funny
  • is definitely showing interest in crawling.  She scoots forwards and backwards, but hasn’t quite figured it out just yet.
  • has decided naps are not neccesary…ha!  Seriously, she is taking two 10-20 minute naps during the day.  Not cool in my book.  I’m hoping this improves.  I’m going to start working on trying to get her to sleep in her crib for naps, rather than the pack n play downstairs.  Today was our first try and it didn’t work :-/  I’m not in to the cry it out thing, so I have to find another way

IMG_9464 IMG_9448

Happy 5 months Addilyn Murray!  You light up our world with your endless giggles and contagious grins!  We love, love, love you Addi!

Trendy Tot Tuesday

Happy Tuesday Ya’ll!  I’m so excited to be hosting Trendy Tot Tuesday with Megan, Lindsay and Kelly!

This weekend, my husband and I took our sweet Addilyn to the pumpkin patch and petting farm.  We are so fortunate to live in such a great city with tons of fun activities and things to do!


I am a lover of all things fall(who isn’t?!), so it’s not surprise that I’m obsessed with Addilyn’s fall baby clothes!


Addilyn’s outfit for the day at the pumpkin patch was a super cute Gymboree cardigan, love the fall colors and that it’s so easy to match!  She had an orange oshkosh onesie underneath, she is sporting my favorite baby jeggings from Carters, adorable suede brown shoes from George(walmart), and of course a wool felt bow in ‘fuchsia’ from my very own AddiBug Designs 🙂

I love baby jeggings, do you?! It’s all the adorableness of jeans, without the higher price tag!  Plus they go with ANYTHING!  They look super comfy too, which is a must in baby clothes!

IMG_9886Another super cute fall outfit Addilyn sported recently, was this Gymboree corduroy jumper, orange onesie and gymboree tights.  Same brown suede shoes and the bow is also from AddiBug Designs in “pumpkin spice’.

I just love fall!

Lastly, are these adorable crochet turbans that I make.  It’s not cold enough for them yet, but let me tell you..when it is, Addilyn is going to be wearing one all winter!  I just love how they frame her cute little face and the interchangeable bows and blooms mean there will always be a color to match her outfit.  I can’t wait for the cooler weather!!!

IMG_0057 IMG_0434You can find the hats, here.

Megan over at Table for Three is hosting a giveaway for my etsy shop!  Head on over to her blog to enter to win a 3 pack clip set of adorable bows for your little one!!!

Happy Fall!

A New Business

I wanted to take a minute to introduce you guys to my new business venture…



I opened an Etsy shop featuring wool felt bows, clips, headbands and even some crocheted goodies!  All handmade, all adorable!  The best part?  They are incredibly affordable, because being a new stay at home Mom, I totally get how important affordability is!  The next best part is that I absolutely LOVE designing and creating these adorable accessories.  It’s a fun hobby for me and I’m excited to see that people really like what I have to offer.

I have several features coming up on a few boutique websites and I’m looking forward to growing and expanding this little business of mine.


So go check out my shop!

Here are few pictures of the items I am offering right now:

all 4 flowers 2IMG_0010IMG_0049 IMG_9116 IMG_9373 IMG_9403 IMG_9543 IMG_9560 IMG_9591 IMG_9956 IMG_9974


Addilyn Grows – 4 Months!

Now begins the transition from weekly posts to monthly posts, I knew life would get in the way 🙂

Once again, time got away from me and Addilyn is 1 week away from being 5 months old.  Can’t believe it!  I’ve started educating myself on the introduction of solids and it seems so crazy that I will have a 6 month old before we know it!  Speaking of…I would like to have her 6 month photos taken professionally, so if you have any(reasonably priced)photographer suggestions, let me know!!

IMG_9174First of all, this edition of “Addilyn Grows” is particularly special because of the adorable dress Addilyn got to wear.  My Addilyn is the second ‘Addilyn’ to wear that dress!!  Thanks to my sweet friend Ashley and her Addilyn, they passed this dress onto my Addilyn!  So sweet, right?  I just love it and it is so special to me. ❤

At 4 months Addilyn:

  • loves faces!  Looking at them, touching them, grabbing and pinching(ouch!)  She is fascinated!
  • laughs, still not consistently, but usually if Scott or I laugh, she will join in, it’s adorable!
  • found her toes and feet and cant get enough of them!  She wants to grab them constantly!  Those piggies have even found their way to Addilyn’s mouth a few times!  HA!
  • has gained so much strength in her back and has sat up unassisted a few times!
  • has started scooting herself forward and in circles on the floor.  She uses her feet to push, not on her knees yet…though I did catch her on her knees once!  She can scoot a good ways towards a toy and can maneuver herself in circles quite effectively!
  • is teething.  Those two bottom teeth are making their way up and she is coping pretty well.  We have good days and bad days, but are managing.
  • loves Lily!  Smiles and laughs at her and loves to touch her when she can throw her hand out at the right time when Lily is passing by!
  • grabs EVERYTHING!  Whatever you are holding she wants to feel it.  So we let her.  I ‘wear’ her when we go grocery shopping and she gets to touch everything before it goes in the cart, I usually give her a quick description of what she is feeling, “cold”, “wet”, “hard”, “soft”, “crunchy”, “noisy”, “apple”…you get the idea 😉 She really loves my iced coffee cups, the noisy ice, the cold and the wetness are a favorite of hers!
  • has been waking 2x a night to nurse.  Usually around 1-2am and 5-6am.  Gets up for good around 7am.
  • gets a bath most every night and loves it! She kicks and splashes and doesn’t want to get out.
  • goes to bed around 8:30 at night, nurses to sleep and then I take her upstairs to the co-sleeper.
  • I’m not sure what you call this,  but the other night she was laying on her back and swinging her arm back and whacking her head/a pillow behind her and she was grinning and I started laughing because she was doing it repeatedly.  She recognized that I was laughing at her, she started laughing too and kept doing it!  She would pause, smile and I would freeze, then she would start again and we would both laugh.  It was hilarious!  I literally had tears because she was cracking me up.  Such a little goofball and I love it!
  • rolled fromt front to back and back to front in the same day!
  • loves the VA Aquarium.
  • loves going on our nightly 3 mile walks with Grammy and Aunt Alison.  And has graduated to the big girl stroller, no more carseat for her!

More from her 4 month shoot 🙂


I think she looks like a little doll in this one!


This girl has got eyelashes for daaayyysss…


We have a lot of fun taking these pictures! She knocked her headband down and struck a kung-fu pose all in one move! HA! Love that girl!


rollie-pollie arms <3!

IMG_9175 IMG_9269

She is everything.  Better than I ever imagined or dreamed she would be.  I love watching her discover the amazing world around her and it seems as though she discovers something new every day!  I love her to the moon and back.  Praise God for our beautiful, happy, healthy 4 month old girl!

Baby-Wearing 101

One of my favorite things to do and talk about these days…baby-wearing.   (thanks for those of you that asked me to write about it!  You must know I love it:))

Let’s dive right in, shall we?

Basic wearing/wrapping fabrics and devices(least expensive to most expensive):

Moby(or other ‘stretchy wraps’)


It’s very long and made of a thick material. I bought one and only used it a couple times before I realized it was way too hot for us. The thick material traps in our body heat and Addilyn and I would sweat in it…no fun. It’s also not very supportive and as your baby grows it will start to become unsafe.  You can NOT do back carries with a stretchy wrap, it is not safe for your little one.  You can find these used for really cheap, I got mine brand new on CL for $10.  I think they retail for $45+

Ring Sling


These are wonderful! I made mine out of 100% linen. The ease of use is unmatched. You just toss it over your shoulder, tighten it up a little and pop baby right in! Easy as can be, I love it for quick trips to the store. I would suggest purchasing from if you choose this option. She makes awesome slings, I have friends with them.  Depending on the fabric used, these will run you $50+  Or if you make your own-$20 🙂


goofy picture, but you can see the RS in action…I’m vacuuming, minding my own business when I look up and see a camera in my face! lol!

Soft Structured Carriers

We have an ergo, mostly for Scott, as I’m not a fan of it.  It’s too bulky for me. The trick with these are being sure that they have a nice wide seat. You want the fabric to stretch from knee to knee, otherwise it doesn’t properly support the baby’s hips and impedes development(yikes!). Also, you never want to carry your baby forward facing, in a carrier or a wrap for the same reason. Ergo and Boba are two really great ones and are made properly. The Bjorn and Infantino are notoriously rotten for the baby’s hips, you will want to avoid those.  These are  around $100+

Woven Wrap

(my personal favorite!)



These are so versatile and come in many different fabrics and lengths. I like them because they are super soft.  I have woven cotton which is breathable and light. These wraps are made for wearing infants all the way through toddlerhood. From front carries to hip carries to back carries. These come with a bit of a learning curve to get the hang of wrapping, but I just watched a bunch of youtube videos to learn how.  Most people suggest starting with a size 6, which is a lot of fabric–15 feet I think. But it gives you the options to do a LOT of different carries to figure out which are your favorite.  Depending on the size, brand and fabric, these will easily cost $100+  (the really cool thing about wovens, is that they sometimes sell used for more than you pay for a brand new one.  a broken-in wrap is more sought after than a brand new stiff one, so you can make your money back easily if you end up not liking your wrap).

I love wrapping with my cotton wovens because it feels like I’m just giving her a big hug!  The fabric is so soft and Addilyn loves it.  She gets excited and starts kicking her feet and squealing when I pull out one of my wraps–I love it!  Besides the fact that they are soft…they are gorgeous!  There are hundreds and hundreds of colors and patterns to choose from–there is something out there for everyone!

The rainbow woven above is a ‘girasol rainbow springs’ and the wrap below is a ‘kokadi erna im wunderland’



The list of reasons I love ‘wearing’ Addilyn is long.  But the gist is that I can still hold my girl close, just like she needs, but also get things done around the house and go grocery shopping with two free hands.  It’s a no-brainer and I honestly don’t know how Mom’s do without ‘wearing’ their babies, especially once you have a toddler and new baby!

Yes, wraps are kind of expensive.  But the woven wraps are specifically made and tested to be really safe and that is so worth the extra money!  Whenever I want to purchase something expensive that isn’t necessary, I sell something that I have and don’t use anymore.  To get my Erna, I sold 3 coach bags on ebay and came out with an extra $30…score!

I will leave you with one of my favorite pictures.  I seriously look at it everyday because I can’t get over how much Addilyn has changed and grown.  I love it and I love wearing my sweet girl!


A few helpful links:

Want to join your local BWI Chapter?

Confused about the different sizes of the wraps?

Want to learn about all the different carries?  Youtube it!  There are hundreds of instructional videos!  My favorite carries are ‘front wrap cross carry’, ‘kangaroo carry’, ‘front cross carry’, ‘poppins hip carry’ and ‘robins hip carry’, all in a woven wrap 🙂

Happy Baby-Wearing!

Addilyn Grows – 14, 15 & 16 Weeks!

Whew, time gets away from me these days!  I am still taking weekly photos of Addilyn, which is surprising 😉 I thought I would have given up weeks ago…but I really enjoy looking back at these and I hope to continue it for as long as possible 🙂



At 14 weeks Addilyn:

  • has started recognizing when she doesn’t recognize someone.  She sometimes get upset if people talk to her in stores and we have even had problems with family members holding her, which makes me sad 😦 I think it’s just a phase…
  • Never cries.  Seriously.  The only time she has cried in the past 2 months is when someone other than Mommy or Daddy holds her…it takes her a few seconds to realize it, but once she sees Mom or Dad else where in the room…she starts balling.  Tears and all.  Breaks my heart.
  • is the best baby.  Still super calm and cool.
  • is developing such a goofy personality!  As you can see in the photos below 🙂
  • smiles all. the. time.  Her grins are so contagious and she makes our home a very happy place.


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Addilyn’s Baby Dedication

Addilyn was dedicated yesterday, July 14, 2013.  We are really blessed to have an amazing church and we couldn’t wait for this special day!IMG_8641

We believe the bible instructs us as Christians to dedicate our children to the Lord.  Basically committing to doing everything in our power to raise the child in a godly way, prayerfully until the child is old enough to make the decision to follow God for herself.

I loved our church’s explanation:

“The ‘act of dedicating a child to the Lord’ is presenting the parents before the congregation as Christians who are committing themselves to live Godly lives before that child and are indicating a wholehearted willingness to rear that child to come to know the Lord Jesus Christ as his/her personal Savior.”

I was dedicated as a child and it is a really important day.  Scott and I have been looking forward to this special day for a long time and were so happy we had 25+ friends and family members there to celebrate with us!

Ps. Sharon greeting Addilyn. There were 2 other families dedicating baby’s the same day!

IMG_8543 IMG_8541 IMG_8544

Addi on the big screen!


All 3 of us on the big screen…IMG_8546

Praying over Addilyn as a young life and Scott and I as parents…

IMG_8550 IMG_8551 IMG_8552 IMG_8554

It was beautiful.  They gave Addilyn a bible and framed certificate and I got a beautiful bouquet of flowers ❤

IMG_8560 IMG_8562

Happy Mommy!IMG_8563

Proud Daddy!


I’ve never had to take Addilyn out of a church service because of her crying or ‘talking’.  For some reason, I thought today was going to be the day because she didn’t nap before we came and since we had to arrive to church early to prep for dedication, she ate at 9:00am and I just knew she would get hungry and fussy during service.  WRONG.  She was an angel.  She was great through the whole worship service just looking around and grinning at everyone in sight.  Then we did the dedication and she was perfect, we sat back down and she fell asleep on me and didn’t wake up until the closing prayer!  I don’t know why I ever doubt her.  She is seriously perfect and has never been a cranky-pants at a bad time.  I feel like I’m living a dream.

After service we snapped a few photos of us.  We color-coordinated 🙂 Mint and White!  Scott wasn’t on board at first, but then he went to Kohls and came back with a mint shirt…haha, I guess I convinced him!

IMG_8567 IMG_8570 IMG_8573You really can’t see Addilyn’s dress very well, but it is seriously adorable!  I’m not thrilled with the photos with the blue wall behind us 😦 It kind of clashes.  So I’m going to get us all dressed up again and have my sister take some photos of us outside somewhere.  Her dress is too cute not to get more pictures in!

After that, Scott ran to go pick up the firehouse subs platter and I ran home to change and feed Addilyn.  Everyone else headed to the local park hoping to find some picnic tables in the shade.  I was praying the whole drive that the rain would hold off and that we would find a nice shady spot.  We had great-grandparents coming and I didn’t want them sitting in the hot sun!


Scott’s Dad found the perfect spot with plenty of shade, picnic tables and BREEZE!  It was glorious!IMG_8580 IMG_8581

It worked out so perfectly, especially considering Scott and I came up with the “after party” idea the night before!


I was so glad Josh and his wife, Amanda were able to come.  Their sweet little Aubrey was born in May, right after Addilyn.  I’ve known Josh and Amanda for 18 years!


SIL Brittany and her son Jacob…she is pregnant with baby #2 and we all are curious if it will be a boy or girl!


Addilyn with her ‘stepuncle’ Jordan.  We call him the ‘stepuncle’, said as one word 🙂


She also got to spend time with her Great-Grandparents.  I think she looks like me in the picture below 😀  I feel like I make that face..ha!IMG_8602 IMG_8603 IMG_8604 IMG_8609

This is a special picture.  4 generations.  Addilyn’s great-grandma Murray is 85 years old.  Still lives on her own and just stopped driving a couple months ago.  She is still sharp as can be too!


Auntie KateIMG_8631 IMG_8634

I secretly was happy she was getting a little fussy and tired, because that meant I was able to steal her away and cuddle with her!  The amount of love I have for her is not even explainable.  As much as I’d love to have more kids and be able to experience pregnancy, birth and bring a new life into this world again…Addilyn is so perfect, that if she was the only child God blessed me with, I would be very happy. ❤IMG_8637 IMG_8640

The ‘selfie’ I took while I stole her away from everyone so she could have some ‘mommy-time’.photo-1

Addilyn is so loved and we are so thankful we have such amazing family surrounding us.  What an amazing day!

July 4th looooong weekend!

Scott’s dojo closed on July 4th and 5th this year and since Scott hadn’t taken a single day off since since Addilyn was born, he went ahead and took Wednesday the 3rd off as well. That means Addi and I had Daddy all to ourselves for 5 whole days! Woohoo! We had a pretty chill mini-stay-cation. We didn’t do much Wednesday, just some things around the house. Scott has had a few projects around the house on his ‘to do’ list and he knocked some of those out. He caulked some of the crown moulding that he never finished, replaced some lightbulbs and re-installed the baby gate at the stop of the stairs(for Lily, not Addilyn, yet!).

On the 4th, we went to Scott’s Dad’s house to grill out and see Scott’s brother and his wife who were visiting from out of town. It was really great to catch up with them since the last time we saw them was the day Addilyn was born and needless to say, I was pretty out of it! 😉

The guys went Frisbee Golfing and my MIL, SIL and Addi and I stayed back in the air conditioned house! It was in the 90s that day so I was happy to stay put!

Before we left for Dad’s house, Scott snapped a couple pictures of Addilyn and I and I. They turned out pretty good! Nothing like natural light for good pictures!



I got her little red and white polka dot outfit from the clearance rack at target, like $3! And I made her cute little headband out of jean-looking fabric, felt for the back and some buttons. I like the way it turned out!

Dad was so nice and offered to grill portobella mushrooms for me, since I don’t eat meat and they were delicious! We also had vegan potato salad and caprese. After we ate we played a few rounds of the game ‘things’, which is always fun!  No fireworks for us this year, we were protecting Addi’s ears, but we hope to see them next year!

The rest of the weekend was spent doing things around the house, going for walks around the neighborhood and relaxing.

After church on Sunday we went to my Mom and Dad’s for grilled ‘hot dogs'(vegan soy hot dogs) and potato wedges. Scott and I brought the fixin’s for vegan ‘mcflurry’s, which my Mom called McJimersons when we were kids! Soy Ice Cream from TJ’s, Justin’s dark chocolate peanut butter cups from WFs and Newmans O-s from WF also. They were really, really good!

It was a lovely break from the ‘daily grind’ and it was much needed for my hard working husband!  Addilyn and I loved having him around all day.  It took Addilyn all day Monday to adjust to Daddy being gone, we think babies don’t notice these things–but I’m confident they do!

Addilyn is being dedicated at our church this Sunday and we are super excited!  We have been waiting for this day for a long time, I can’t wait!