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Seriously, hop over and check her out!  I’m positive you will get some great inspiration for your next project!

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DIY Crib Skirt {tutorial}

With Addilyn’s arrival growing ever closer(*insert squeal here!*), I knew it was time I started getting serious about finding some bedding that I liked. ¬†Honestly? ¬†I was pretty disappointed in the options out there. ¬†I really wanted something more classy and sophisticated. ¬†Not something covered in loud butterflies or hyper ‘themed’. ¬†Know what I mean? ¬†Plus, let’s face it, the people who make those bedding sets are making a killing! ¬†They are SO expensive in my opinion!

So, what does any good DIY-lovin’ gal do? ¬†

…make her own, of course! ¬†And I’m going to show you how–just in case you are particular and on a budget(read: cheap!) like me!



Start by finding some inspiration online.  My crib skirt was inspired by this beauty!
Measure your crib from where the mattress sits to the floor on all 3 sides(or 4 if you choose).  Then measure the front and 2 sides horizontally.  Every crib is different, figure out how long you want it and be sure to add several inches for a hem.
You will need:
(2)Stich Witchery or something similar
(3)Small, stick on velcro dots
(5)Sewing Machine(optional)
 Measure and cut the fabric according to the crib dimensions, like below.  You can see my front panel and both side pieces.
I really loved that the crib skirt had small slits in it for added interest and an added pop of color.  Decide where you want to slits and cut them with scissors:
Then measure and mark the backside of your fabric for your hem.  Iron the hem with the adhesive as directed on the package.
¬†I wasn’t thrilled with how the adhesive was holding together once I was done, so I decided to go ahead and sew along all the seams. ¬†Plus it gives it a more polished look(in my opinion). ¬†And It does sound like double the work to iron the adhesive AND sew, but it makes sewing go SO MUCH faster and more even and beautiful.
Sew around all the edges to give a nice, beautiful hem.
Cut your trim fabric.  Fold and iron adhesive.  I then sewed the bottom hem(3/4 of the way down), not the top hem(you will see why in a sec)
 Iron & adhere trim onto main piece of crib skirt, leaving excess on ends to fold over and sew.
See the excess of pink fabric on the right?  The photo below has it tucked and sewn under.
 Sew the top of the trim to the main piece of crib skirt.
Cut your “peek-a-boo” fabric to the desired width.
Iron a small amount of adhesive closest to the edge as possible.

Sew around the edges of the slit. ¬†If your ‘peek-a-boo’ fabric(the gray) shows through the other fabric, you can trim off the excess. ¬†Apply the sticky velcro dots to the very top of the crib skirt and then attach them to the metal mattress frame on the crib.

In the end you should have 3 separate pieces, I liked that look better than one continuous skirt all the way around.


I love the way it turned out!  I plan to use a white crib sheet with a very light pink geometric pattern on it and a white breathable bumper.

Also! ¬†I wasn’t thrilled with the pink options in the fabric store, so here is what I did for the trim:

We have 2 windows in the nursery, one is full size and the other is about half the size. ¬†We bought 2¬†of these¬†panels from ikea for the windows and pulled them to one side of the window. ¬†Obviously, we didn’t need all that excess fabric on the smaller window so I just cut 4 inches off the length and width of the curtain and sewed it back up with a nice hem. ¬†You can’t even tell–and now the crib skirt matches our curtains PERFECTLY! ¬†Love it!

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DIY Initial Onesie

So I’ve been seeing these adorable onesies all over pinterest and etsy and the DIY-er in me couldn’t help but attempt to make one,  you know, instead of paying $18 for one ūüôā

So here it is:

What you will need:
1.) Onesie
2.) Fabric
3.) Cardstock letter cutout(this lovely lady has free printables for the letters!!)
4.) Scissors
5.) Heat n Bond
6.) Beautiful fabric of your choice
7.) Sewing machine(optional)

Don’t you love that fabric? I grabbed it for $1.50 at Han.cock fabrics!

Cut out the cardstock letter and trace it on the back of your fabric.  Carefully cut the fabric with scissors or an x-acto knife. 
 Follow the instructions on the heat n bond and bond the paper to the letter and cut it out.
 Heat n bond applied, ready for application
 Peel off the heat n bond on the back of the onesie and align where you want it to be permanent on the onesie. 
 Iron for a few seconds
 There it is…
 I wanted a more finished look so I used the zig-zag stitch on my machine to finish it off.  It’s not perfect, my sewing skills aren’t quite what they could be, but I think it’s cute.  I will probably add a little bow or something to the top left of the “A” to add some texture.

Our little girl’s first mama-made onesie–What do you think?


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Jewelry Armoire – Drab to Fab!

Remember this post?  About how my husband bought me an old jewelry armoire off of craigslist?  That was way back in March…and I’m just now getting to post about it ūüôā

Anyways, I’m thrilled with the makeover!  As you’ll see in the pictures below – it needed a lot of work!

Majorly outdated green felt on the interior and a not-so-impressive exterior either.  It needed some love…

I bought some regular latex paint from Home De.pot in white.  After I sanded the armoire, I primed it and gave it 3 coats of white paint.  That was the easy part…

The hard part was re-upholstering the inside of the armoire…

I completely de-constructed it and individually covered each piece.  I used a spray adhesive and it made it really easy. 

See?  I just covered the pieces and then glued it all back together.


Much better!

Here are the results:

Much better, right?!  I’m thrilled with it!


Fix Broken Makeup!{Tutorial}

 Who doesn’t hate to break your favorite eyeshadow, blush or bronzer?  You know what I’m talking about…that powdery mess it turns into?  

Recently while we were in Hawaii, during the 12 hour flight, my favorite victorias se.cre.t eyeshadow shattered in to a million pieces ūüė¶  I discovered a secret to “piece” your broken makeups back together, here it is:
You can see my sad broken shadow below…What a mess!
 Take a little rubbing alcohol, dip your fingers in it and drop some drips onto the eyeshadow.
You will notice that the makeup absorbs the alcohol almost instantly.  Once you have dripped the alcohol all over the makeup, press and smooth with your fingers.  Some of it will stick to your fingers, but most of it will smooth out just like it was before it broke. 
Let it set overnight and here is the final result!

 It’s like new!  The photo below is me holding the eyeshadow upside down so you can see how it holds. 
The alcohol gets absorbed very quickly and the smell disenegrates, so it doesn’t smell like rubbing alcohol.  

Speaking of travel and Hawaii, it was so warm this Christmas, I decided to sport my plumeria clip from Hawaii.  My family got a kick out of it. 

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