Addilyn Grows – 19 Months!

I find it funny that the last ‘Addilyn Grows’ post was on January 2, 2014.  Exactly one month later, on February 2, 2014 we found out we were unexpectedly expecting.  The extreme fatigue and nausea set in and there were no more updates to be found 😉 Luckily, the nausea subsided after the first trimester but the complete and utter exhaustion continued throughout the entire twin pregnancy, so needless to say, I didn’t blog while Addilyn napped…I slept :p


From 8 months until now, a few things that stand out;

  • Addilyn learned to walk right around 1 year old
  • Her first birthday party was held at the Hunt Club Farm!  It was a lot of fun and all the kids loved petting the goats, chickens, llamas, ducks, rabbits…and the list goes on 😉
  • She spent a lot of time outside in the summer of 2014.  And I spent a lot of precious one on one time with my sweet girl before the boys arrived in September.  I will always remember how special that summer was, I soaked up every moment with her, knowing these moments would be few and far between once her brothers arrived.
  •  She enjoyed playing in the little blow up pool in our patio at the condo.
  • Lots of trips to the hunt club farm with Mommy
  • The little gym was a huge favorite of hers!  She learned so much and grew up a lot while she was there.  We definitely miss it now that we don’t live close to one anymore.
  • Addilyn handled all of the *HUGE* changes our family went through in 2014 so well.  Twin pregnancy, house hunting, putting our house up for rent, finding a new house, moving to my parents for a month while we waited for our new home to be ready for us, moving to our new home 40 minutes from our old home and finally, welcoming her sweet baby brothers on September 24.  She goes with the flow and was a total angel through it all.  I am so grateful for that.
  • Addilyn is incredibly smart and seems to be learning new words and phrases daily.  I can’t possibly list everything she says because she will pretty much repeat anything you say.
  • She got her first haircut, which consisted of just a bang trim by her Mama.  It was the week after the boys were born and I was realizing I didn’t have time to pull her hair back every day and she needed to be able to see…ha!  She won’t keep clips in, so the bangs had to be cut.

Addilyn, you have an incredibly joyful heart and being your Mom fills my life with so much happiness every single day.  You are loving and compassionate.  You bring fun and excitement to everything you do.  You are destined for greatness my child, and I pray I can provide the proper foundation you need to be able to fly. ❤ 

IMG_6562 IMG_6539 IMG_6570 IMG_6510


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