Addilyn Grows – 8 months!

IMG_3246At 8 months, Addilyn:

  • can crawl.  She can get anywhere she wishes and FAST
  • can pull up on pretty much anything.  I feel like this happened really fast, one day she just started doing it and hasn’t stopped since!  The couch, toys, boxes, bumbo, Mom, Dad…anything!  If it is a couple inches off the floor, she will use it to stand her cute little self up.
  • she has been saying this for a while, but she says “mama” very well and very often!  Especially when she is upset about something.
  • she can say “bye”, “ball” and “mama”
  • she can sign “bye”, “milk”…working on “sleepy”, “all done” and “bath”
  • has tasted some of my green juice on occasion, loves her green super food puffs and pretty much has rejected purees altogether.  Unless she can feed it to herself, she doesn’t want it.
  • Sleeps in her CRIB *hallelujah chorus*.  The transition was so much easier than I thought it would be.  In November when we did all that traveling, I used that as my transition time, so the two weeks we were home in November, she slept in her crib for naps and never in the cosleeper and it got easily phased out.   Now she is in her crib for naps and most of the night, when she does wake up I usually bring her in bed with us.  She still wakes SO frequently, it’s just too much of a pain to get up and feed her in the nursery and put her back, so in the bed with us she goes.
  • wakes every 2-3 hours at night to nurse
  • loves music!  Anything with a beat is right up her alley and she goes nuts!  Dancing and swinging her arms around–she is a hoot!  She loves our upbeat worship services at church and she even started lifting her hands during some of the songs!  I recorded her lifting her hands and I think Scott and I have watched it 3,000 times.  It makes me cry because I feel so blessed to have such a special little girl that loves to worship Jesus already!  Gosh I love her!
  • she loves to crawl into the kitchen every chance she gets to try to get Lily’s dog food.  She also loves Lily and thinks she is hilarious
  • very much dislikes having her diaper changed.  Not really the act of, but the fact that she has to lay on her back for 30 seconds.  She is a girl on the go and apparently, doesn’t have time for diaper changes 😛IMG_3251 IMG_3098

We can’t get enough of this girl.  She is way better than we ever dreamed she would be!


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