Addilyn Grows – 7 months!



Addilyn’s seventh month was a pretty big one!  She went on two big vacations, met TWO of her Great Grandmothers for the first time, added 4 new teeth to her mouth and started pulling up on everything in sight!
IMG_1953At 7 months, Addilyn:

  • rode an airplane for the first time!  We flew all the way to Texas with a short layover in Charlotte, Nc and she was an angel!  She made friends with everyone around us on all the planes and “cracked” everyone with her contagious smile.  I caught even the toughest{looking} of men cracking a smile at her.  The plan rides home weren’t quite so smooth, but she still did exceptionally well, considering we were stuck in a tiny seat for 4+ hours.
  • she continued to army crawl her way around her Great Granny’s house in San Antonio
  • met her Great Granny Washam for the first time!  We stayed at her house in SA for a whole week with Scott’s Dad and Jill and Uncle Mark.  We had so much fun.  Addilyn did so well and the time change didn’t even bother her.
  • she started taking a few crawling ‘steps’ while we were in texas
  • she cut not 1, not 2, not 3 but FOUR teeth while we were in texas!  Four teeth at once, can you believe that?  We only had one rough night, poor girlie.
  • sits up completely on her own, no help needed, never falls over.
  • by the end of the month she was crawling like a pro.
  • she went to Corolla, NC for the first time with my side of the family.  We stayed in the beach house for a week with 18 other people.  Addilyn loved every minute of it.
  • she met her Great Geema Hancock for the first time too!
  • she started squealing…I think she picked this up from her cousins in Corolla 🙂
  • she can pull up on things, still falls a lot, but is learning

My sweet little turkey on Thanksgiving!


Addilyn and her Great Granny in SA


Addilyn and her cousin, Jacob in Corolla

Her seventh month was a fun one.  We are loving watching her grow and explore.  Sometimes we wake up and notice changes in her overnight.  Like her understanding of words and concepts and interactions are constantly being developed.  We LOVE watching her experience this awesome world.


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