Addilyn Grows — 6 Months!

Wow am I behind or what?  Addilyn just turned *gasp* 9 months yesterday!  I won’t even get in to all the excuses I have for not blogging, ha!  But I really, really want to get back in to it.  I just love documenting our lives, so I will never forget how much fun we had.

IMG_0642At 6 months, Addilyn:

  • sits up on her own, though still tips over on occasion
  • still sleeps in the co-sleeper next to me at night and wakes every 2-3 to nurse
  • scoots along the floor pretty well, it takes a while, but she can get to where she wants to go
  • laughs a lot, especially at Daddy
  • loves bath time still
  • we have been working on sign language since she was 3 months old.  she can now sign ‘milk’ and we are still working on ‘bye’, ‘bath’ and ‘all done’
  • has two teeth on the bottom and loves to brush them.  The pediatric dental assistant in me is determined to keep her from having to endure cavities and fillings and all that mess!
  • top gums are swollen and I am sure she will get those 2 up top very soon
  • naps are hit or miss, she is still on her morning and afternoon nap schedule, just some of the naps are 10-20 minutes, others are an hour
  • she had her first taste of avocado and banana!

First time trying avocado


Second time trying avocado, I think she liked it better the 2nd time 🙂


First time trying avocado. LOL!

IMG_0728 IMG_0777 IMG_0934 IMG_1044 IMG_1086 IMG_1108 IMG_1217 IMG_1246 IMG_1322 IMG_1456

She is full of joy and life and her Daddy and I are incredibly thankful for her!


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