A New Business

I wanted to take a minute to introduce you guys to my new business venture…



I opened an Etsy shop featuring wool felt bows, clips, headbands and even some crocheted goodies!  All handmade, all adorable!  The best part?  They are incredibly affordable, because being a new stay at home Mom, I totally get how important affordability is!  The next best part is that I absolutely LOVE designing and creating these adorable accessories.  It’s a fun hobby for me and I’m excited to see that people really like what I have to offer.

I have several features coming up on a few boutique websites and I’m looking forward to growing and expanding this little business of mine.


So go check out my shop http://www.etsy.com/shop/AddiBugDesigns01!

Here are few pictures of the items I am offering right now:

all 4 flowers 2IMG_0010IMG_0049 IMG_9116 IMG_9373 IMG_9403 IMG_9543 IMG_9560 IMG_9591 IMG_9956 IMG_9974



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