Addilyn Grows – 4 Months!

Now begins the transition from weekly posts to monthly posts, I knew life would get in the way 🙂

Once again, time got away from me and Addilyn is 1 week away from being 5 months old.  Can’t believe it!  I’ve started educating myself on the introduction of solids and it seems so crazy that I will have a 6 month old before we know it!  Speaking of…I would like to have her 6 month photos taken professionally, so if you have any(reasonably priced)photographer suggestions, let me know!!

IMG_9174First of all, this edition of “Addilyn Grows” is particularly special because of the adorable dress Addilyn got to wear.  My Addilyn is the second ‘Addilyn’ to wear that dress!!  Thanks to my sweet friend Ashley and her Addilyn, they passed this dress onto my Addilyn!  So sweet, right?  I just love it and it is so special to me. ❤

At 4 months Addilyn:

  • loves faces!  Looking at them, touching them, grabbing and pinching(ouch!)  She is fascinated!
  • laughs, still not consistently, but usually if Scott or I laugh, she will join in, it’s adorable!
  • found her toes and feet and cant get enough of them!  She wants to grab them constantly!  Those piggies have even found their way to Addilyn’s mouth a few times!  HA!
  • has gained so much strength in her back and has sat up unassisted a few times!
  • has started scooting herself forward and in circles on the floor.  She uses her feet to push, not on her knees yet…though I did catch her on her knees once!  She can scoot a good ways towards a toy and can maneuver herself in circles quite effectively!
  • is teething.  Those two bottom teeth are making their way up and she is coping pretty well.  We have good days and bad days, but are managing.
  • loves Lily!  Smiles and laughs at her and loves to touch her when she can throw her hand out at the right time when Lily is passing by!
  • grabs EVERYTHING!  Whatever you are holding she wants to feel it.  So we let her.  I ‘wear’ her when we go grocery shopping and she gets to touch everything before it goes in the cart, I usually give her a quick description of what she is feeling, “cold”, “wet”, “hard”, “soft”, “crunchy”, “noisy”, “apple”…you get the idea 😉 She really loves my iced coffee cups, the noisy ice, the cold and the wetness are a favorite of hers!
  • has been waking 2x a night to nurse.  Usually around 1-2am and 5-6am.  Gets up for good around 7am.
  • gets a bath most every night and loves it! She kicks and splashes and doesn’t want to get out.
  • goes to bed around 8:30 at night, nurses to sleep and then I take her upstairs to the co-sleeper.
  • I’m not sure what you call this,  but the other night she was laying on her back and swinging her arm back and whacking her head/a pillow behind her and she was grinning and I started laughing because she was doing it repeatedly.  She recognized that I was laughing at her, she started laughing too and kept doing it!  She would pause, smile and I would freeze, then she would start again and we would both laugh.  It was hilarious!  I literally had tears because she was cracking me up.  Such a little goofball and I love it!
  • rolled fromt front to back and back to front in the same day!
  • loves the VA Aquarium.
  • loves going on our nightly 3 mile walks with Grammy and Aunt Alison.  And has graduated to the big girl stroller, no more carseat for her!

More from her 4 month shoot 🙂


I think she looks like a little doll in this one!


This girl has got eyelashes for daaayyysss…


We have a lot of fun taking these pictures! She knocked her headband down and struck a kung-fu pose all in one move! HA! Love that girl!


rollie-pollie arms <3!

IMG_9175 IMG_9269

She is everything.  Better than I ever imagined or dreamed she would be.  I love watching her discover the amazing world around her and it seems as though she discovers something new every day!  I love her to the moon and back.  Praise God for our beautiful, happy, healthy 4 month old girl!


One thought on “Addilyn Grows – 4 Months!

  1. Such a sweet post! I LOVE that you love the dress and that she can wear it! Sweet, sweet! That “kung-fu” pose made me laugh! What a cute girl!

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