Addilyn Grows – 14, 15 & 16 Weeks!

Whew, time gets away from me these days!  I am still taking weekly photos of Addilyn, which is surprising 😉 I thought I would have given up weeks ago…but I really enjoy looking back at these and I hope to continue it for as long as possible 🙂



At 14 weeks Addilyn:

  • has started recognizing when she doesn’t recognize someone.  She sometimes get upset if people talk to her in stores and we have even had problems with family members holding her, which makes me sad 😦 I think it’s just a phase…
  • Never cries.  Seriously.  The only time she has cried in the past 2 months is when someone other than Mommy or Daddy holds her…it takes her a few seconds to realize it, but once she sees Mom or Dad else where in the room…she starts balling.  Tears and all.  Breaks my heart.
  • is the best baby.  Still super calm and cool.
  • is developing such a goofy personality!  As you can see in the photos below 🙂
  • smiles all. the. time.  Her grins are so contagious and she makes our home a very happy place.



At 15 weeks Addilyn:

  • still gets upset when other family members try to hold her…we are working on that.
  • smiles all the time.
  • never cries.
  • loves our fish tank and watching Lily run around the house
  • still loves her play mat and enjoys her swing only occasionally
  • watches our TV whenever it’s on, that little stinker!  We try not to let her but she sneaks a peek sometimes.





At 16 weeks Addilyn:

  • went to the Aquarium for the first time with Lacey and little Elizabeth.  She loved the huge tanks with sharks, sea turtles and fish.  She spent some time in the stroller and some of the time wrapped up 🙂
  • is getting better about not getting scared when strangers talk to her.  She was charming(and distracting) all the folks in the row behind us at church on Sunday.  Then when I went to the bookstore after church she was putting on a show for everyone in there too!
  • still has never had to leave church for being noisy.  I can’t even believe it.  She is an angel, she is awake and looking around during worship and then falls asleep on me right as the preaching begins.  And the past 2 Sundays she has woken up during the closing prayer…seriously? She is perfect!!!!
  • has been drooling a lot(for a few weeks) and loves putting anything and everything in her mouth; blankets, her shirt, sophie and Mom or Dad’s fingers!
  • has some swelling on her bottom gums, pretty sure some teeth are on their way in 😦 I am ordering her baltic amber teething necklace today in hopes to keep any teething pain at bay!
  • giggles on occasion, we have only heard it a few times and it seems to always happen if we ‘spook’ her somehow.  Daddy was standing up with her and I squatted down like a frog and jumped up with a “boo!” and it startled her a little, then she laughed!  It was adorable!  So I kept doing it until she stopped, or my knees started cracking—lol!  Whichever came first!
  • still never cries.
  • took her 2nd trip to the aquarium with Dad and I.   Dad wore her in the ergo and she loved it 🙂
  • is very good at grabbing things and almost never misses
  • still loves her paci and rarely will fall asleep without it



Addilyn is the light of our life and amazes us every day.  She is growing so quickly and I’m just trying to take it all in!  I can’t believe she could potentially start showing interest in solids in the next couple months(we will practice baby-led weaning, more on that later)!

Her goofy personality and insanely contagious smiles have Scott and I in a constant state of thankfulness!



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