Addilyn Grows – 3 Months!


Miss Addilyn Murray is 3 months old!  I feel like a broken record…but I can’t believe it!!!  Seems like just yesterday that I was aching to meet her and hold her…

At 3 months, Addilyn:

  • Holds her head up very well for extended periods of time
  • Consistently grabs her toys and pulls on them with all her might!
  • Loves to be sung to{still}, her favorite right now is “I knew you were trouble when you walked innnn…..” by T. Swift
  • Will talk to Mommy for long periods of time and has this look on her face like she is certain Mommy can understand everything she is saying
  •  Does not love tummy-time very much.  She tolerates it
  • Has been trying to scoot herself forward to reach toys while on her tummy
  • Still trying to roll from her back to her tummy, especially at night while in her co-sleeper
  • Watches Lily a lot
  • Gets startled by noises a lot more frequently than she used to
  • Smiles, smiles and smiles some more!  She is a very happy girl!


IMG_8340 IMG_8346 IMG_8363 IMG_8338 IMG_8332

Mid sneeze…IMG_8317 IMG_8281 IMG_8376Addilyn is our joy, our sunshine and our little bit of heaven on earth.  Happy 3 months to the happiest, most beautiful girl I know!

A collage of her weekly photos since birth 🙂

Addilyn Collage Birth-3monthsMy heart is full ❤


One thought on “Addilyn Grows – 3 Months!

  1. She is such a precious baby!! Such an adorable face! I love that photo of her looking up at the blocks above her! =}

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