Addilyn Grows–11 Weeks!



At 11 weeks, Addilyn:

  • Has put herself on a schedule, completely on her own.  I’m not a believer in forcing babies to be on a schedule, but if they create one themselves, I see no problem in encouraging it 🙂

She wakes between 8-9am.  Plays until 10am.  Naps for 2 hours.  Plays until 2pm.  Naps for 2-3 hours.  Plays until 7-8pm and then she sleeps through the night until 5-6am, when she wakes to eat and then goes back to sleep until 8-9am.  I’ve got to say, it’s an awesome schedule!  And I know it won’t last forever, but for now, I’m loving it!

  • Has become quite skilled at reaching for toys and grabbing them and she doesn’t miss often
  • LOVES to be sung to.  Her current favorite is “My Desire” by Kari Jobe, we sing it at church and I’m convinced she loves it because she listened to it while she was in my tummy for 9 months 🙂 Or it could be because I’ve been singing it to her since she was born, because it was a favorite of mine right around the time I went into labor.  My favorite part is “in Your presence Lord, I will find my strength, You’re the breath in me, You’re my everything…” I kept playing it over in my head while I was in labor with her, because Lord did I need some strength!  She especially loves the “My heart will aways sign, I love you, I love you…” part.  Gets her grinning and “singing along” every time!
  • Is still trying to roll over, especially during diaper changes!
  • Has suddenly become aware that things can fall on her.  Not sure how that happened, because we’ve never dropped anything on her…but when we are changing her, if you reach over her head to grab something she winces and turns her head like she knows something is about to fall…kinda cute.  I guess it’s just a skill they learn on their own.
  • Wraps her arms around your neck if you hug her and sometimes she grabs my face or hair
  • Drools quite a bit, I’ve discovered the necessity that are bibs 🙂
  • Has been trying to put her entire fist in her mouth and sometimes both fists!
  • Started getting startled in her sleep again, like when she was a newborn.  So I take a light blanket and swaddle her from the waist down and that seems to keep her from flinging her arms and legs back and waking herself up
  • Has really started noticing Lily lately, I caught her smiling at her one time
  • Loves when I pretend to ‘eat’ her toes, hands, legs and neck.  She squeals and I LOVE IT!

This week’s photo shoot turned out totally adorable so here is a cute-photo-explosion…You can see from the pictures that she loves her hands and can’t keep them out of her mouth!

IMG_8116 IMG_8118 IMG_8121 IMG_8124 IMG_8140 IMG_8142

She is simply perfection.


6 thoughts on “Addilyn Grows–11 Weeks!

  1. Too cute!! So awesome that she sleeps through the night. Oh boy in a couple of weeks teething may start. My son is 14 weeks and it all started with drool and the hand. This week he can’t get enough teething toys, he is all ober them for relief. Stock up now you will be thankful the day you realize she needs it. We like Sophie and the Nuby ring so far.

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