DIY Diaper Cream {Cloth Diaper Safe!}

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diy diaper cream



15 thoughts on “DIY Diaper Cream {Cloth Diaper Safe!}

  1. So I just clicked over here from your comment and got so excited when the first post I saw was one on DIY diaper cream!!! We cd and we’ve been having to use disposables the past day because of a diaper rash on both our girls (strawberries are the culprit I think) and we needed a diaper cream that can be used with cds!!! So long comment short, I’m so glad I stopped by! Thank you!!!

      • I got my inserts today they are all washed and ready to go for tomorrow…only thing I forgot to get was the dirty diaper storage. I need to get that for sure! Do you use a pail liner inside your trash?

      • I actually just use a garbage bag…I’m not sure if its recommended or not. I just replace it every time I wash. I do plan on getting 2 washable liners whenever I can make it to our local diaper shop next! Which diapers did you go with?

      • Hmm, i typed a reply but now i dont see it… I just use disposable garbage bags, but I plan to buy 2 liners soon! What kind if diapers did you go with? How are they so far??

      • I am using Flip’s. I just placed an order tonight on and got 9 covers, 1 pail liner, 12 wipes, 6 doublers & 12 inserts for $130. I am one happy mama 🙂 How do your diapers hold up overnight?

  2. I use coconut oil for everything and my wipe solution has tea tree oil in it. Maya almost never has a rash! I just wish I had bought extra virgin instead refined. I was so disappointed that refined doesn’t have the coconut smell and it’s taken over a year to use that jar up!

    • I noticed the same thing with the coconut oil smells! One of my jars smelled great and the next one smells like nothing! Major bummer! I think I’ll use that jar for cooking and get the good stuff for diaper creams and wipe solutions! 😉

  3. I was just wondering, if you could use the Coconut oil for a yeast infection of the breast. Will the coconut oil be safe for my baby girl? I have read your post many times and I can see that the tea tree oil will not be good to put on my breast even mixed with the coconut oil. What are your thoughts?

  4. Thank you so much!! I need relief and i need something safe for my baby girl. The Dr said they would give me something, but not my baby. So we will just pass it back and forth. Maybe this will help her as much as me. Thank you again.

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