Patience.  I definitely have a love/hate relationship with this character trait.  It is something I struggle with a lot, being the ‘type a’, super busy, get things done, kinda person that I am.  If I think of something that I want/need to do, I do it(within reason).  I don’t wait for another day or another time, I do it. With the exception of the dishes and putting laundry away…I can procrastinate on those chores all. day. long 😉  Oh, and once I get an idea in my head, I can’t get it out.

This post is brought to you by the immense amounts of frustration I have towards the housing market.  Let me explain…

Scott and I got married in 2007.  We lived in a very nice and quite pricey apartment complex.  After a little over a year of living there(and another year long lease signed), the neighborhood started to go down hill.  Scott worked at night and I worked a normal day job, so I was home alone by myself until 9 or 10pm every night.  When I would get home, there would be groups of guys just hanging out by my door and it was just really uncomfortable.  So we started looking for another apartment.  Come to find out, the apartments in our area are so darn pricey that it would be cheaper to BUY a home.  Keep in mind we were only 20 years old.  Twenty.  Babies.

On my drive home one day, I spotted this brand new little community.  It was adorable.  Brick signs on either side welcomed you, a beautiful lake with high-spraying fountains, bright green grass and brand new trees. I stopped in to check out the model homes they had open…and I fell.


It was perfect!  2 story, 2 bedrooms, office and 2.5 baths.  They were clean, they were cute and they were brand new.  I took Scott to look at the houses and he liked them *almost* as much as I did.  After we looked at plenty of comps in the area, consulted our parents, prayed and “hemmed and hawed”, we decided to go for it.  It was so exciting.  They had this huge map of the community and when we sent in our offer, we got to change the little green dot that marked it as ‘available’ to a red one that marked it as ‘taken’.  Our specific condo wasn’t even done yet, we got to tour it while the floors were still plywood and the drywall wasn’t done.  We got to pick out the flooring, counters and appliances.  It was a dream.  I felt like I needed someone to pinch me…I was just 20 years old, how could this be happening?

The whole process went off without a hitch!  We were a couple hundred dollars short of what we needed to bring for closing and we were trying to figure out how to cover it.  When lo and behold, the IRS sends me a check in the mail, saying “you never cashed your tax return from 2005…here it is again…”  We were stunned.  God was taking good care of us and He must have wanted us to get that condo!  The rest of the process was flawless.  We moved in and have loved everything about it ever since.

Fast forward to now, 5 years later and I am ready for some s  p  a  c  e!  I want room to breathe.  I want to be able to step outside without looking into someone else’s house.  I want to plant flowers, have a garden and landscape a front yard.  I want Addilyn to have a place to run and play.  A place for a swing set and sand box.

My dreams are currently being crushed by the housing market.  The homes in our condo association are selling for $40k less than what we paid for ours 5 years ago…*womp womp*

It doesn’t stop me from stalking my zillow app constantly.  Trying to find us the perfect house…when in reality, we are probably at least 2 years from being able to move.  Harumph!

This is how this post ties in to patience.  I’m getting a big ol’ fat lesson in it and I don’t like it, lol!  It’s hard to see these beautiful homes, double the size of ours with quadruple the yard, selling for almost what we paid for our tiny little condo.

That’s okay though.  I’m trusting God and in His timing, we will get a new home.  One that is perfect for our little family ❤


4 thoughts on “Patience.

  1. Awh, hang in there! I’m sure God has it all worked out, just like the last time. I know what you mean about being frustrated with the market. The way things are looking, we will likely be dealing with that when we move! Blah!

  2. We are with ya!! Well, in the ready for space and needing patience. I love where we live but I’m ready to not share a room with James 😉 Our little home now though has been amazing and the biggest blessing and I know that I know that I know it was the place God prepare for us as newlyweds. I’m just scared that when we are ready to buy all the prices will have gone back UP!

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