Fun in the Outer Banks

I have one question: Who doesn’t travel to the outer banks on Memorial day weekend? Seriously. I think every one I spoke to about their Memorial day plans were headed to the good ol’ OBX! I thought to myself, “man, I sure am glad we aren’t going there…” because of the massive amounts of crowds and traffic…yuck.

Shortly after those thoughts were crossing my mind, Scott’s Dad called and invited us to stay at the cottage they rented…yep, you guessed it, in nags head. I was very hesitant at first, insisting that it was quite possibly the worst idea of all time 🙂 But after much persuasion and talk of the best day to go in order to avoid the massive amounts of traffic, I agreed.

We headed down on memorial day, assuming most of the people were heading home that day to get back to work on Tuesday. We were right! Not a bit of traffic and the beach only had a handful of people on it–Score!


This was our first night spent away from home with Addi-bug! One of the many, many perks of breastfeeding is that you don’t need much for the baby except diapers and Mommy. Even clothes are optional…especially if you diaper your baby with adorable cloth diapers! 😉 We packed plenty of diapers, her pack ‘n’ play, clothes and sunscreen and we were good to go. Typically I am an ‘over-packer’, if we are staying somewhere for 1 night, I’ll bring roughly 5 shirts and several pairs of pants and shorts. This time, I spent the whole time packing Addilyn up that I didn’t even realize until we got to the beach that I had only packed one tshirt for myself, haha! Oh well, I guess that’s what happens when you become a Mom!


We had a great time there. Addilyn’s first trip to the beach was a success! She loved the breeze and watching the waves. We spotted some very playful dolphins too! She mostly hung out under her stroller which provided the perfect amount of shade for her to lay under. We also walked around a bit and I had a light blanket covering her from the sun.



After we got back from the beach, Scott and his Dad cooked us dinner!  Greek pizza–yum!

We had such a great time and I’m so glad we took the opportunity to go, instead of chickening out because of the traffic 🙂


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