Addilyn Grows – 6 weeks!


Our sweet little angel is 6 weeks old!  I can hardly believe it!

This week, Addilyn blessed us with a 5 hour sleep stretch at night!  She only slept 5 hours straight one night, but since then she has started only waking every 3-4 hours at night…which is great!  She is such a champ and has never cried at night, only woken to eat and then right back to sleep ❤

At 6 weeks, Addilyn is:

  • Sleeping 3-4 hour stretches at night
  • Still loves the morning and is loaded with smiles as soon as the sun comes up!
  • She happily goes to sleep at 11pm with us and wakes up whenever we do, she fits into our life perfectly!
  • She is wearing 0-3 month clothes and even some 3 month clothes, depending on the brand
  • She traveled to Williamsburg and was an angel even when we got stuck in traffic and it took us 2 hours!
  • She loves her play mat and kicks and GRABS at the toys
  • She still loves being wrapped in my woven wrap
  • Loves going on walks with Grammy and Aunt Alison at Mt. Trashmore
  • Watches Mommy and Daddy and looks for us when she hears our voices
  • Lily has been catching her eye lately and she watches her jump on the couch and run around the house
  • She is full of smiles for Mommy and Daddy and we LOVE it!
  • She coos, which is so adorable
  • She still loves being held and prefers it over anything else
  • Her swing is old news to her and she isn’t really a fan anymore
  • She is SO alert and surprises us with all of her various facial expressions
  • She will only nap during the day while being held or on her tummy.  So I break the rules and place her on her tummy occasionally, just when I’m in the room and can watch her close–but need to fold laundry or straighten up.  She sleeps on her side at night
  • Has pretty great head control, though she is still working on it
  • Doesn’t love tummy time, but still tolerates it

Happy 6 weeks to the most beautiful girl I have ever seen!



4 thoughts on “Addilyn Grows – 6 weeks!

  1. She is beautiful! I remember in an earlier post on your former blog you writing that you were going to cloth diaper. How is that going?

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