Addilyn Grows – 1 Month!


It’s hard to believe our baby girl is a month old!

At one month Addilyn is:

  • Nursing every 2 hours around the clock
  • Smiling, mostly in the mornings.  Her early morning feeding and diaper change once it’s light outside is always full of smiles!
  • Holding her head up pretty well
  • Following Mom and Dad with her eyes
  • Loving her play mat with hanging toys, she kicks and swats at them
  • Tolerating tummy time–though she doesn’t love it
  • Loves being wrapped in my woven wrap, specifically the kangaroo carry.  She is usually asleep before I am even done wrapping her up!
  • Loves her Mommy and when Daddy can’t get her to calm down, all it takes is resting on Mom’s shoulder to make her happy
  • Loves to snuggle
  • Fitting into 0-3 month clothing, which is a big deal considering it took weeks for her to fit into newborn!
  • Has outgrown most of her newborn clothes, looking at how tiny they are surprises me she ever fit into them!*tear*
  • Has very strong legs and kicks constantly, especially while on her play mat
  • A very content, easy-going baby.  Rarely every cries.  What a blessing!  She has never cried an inconsolable cry, I’m so happy for that!
  • Understands when it’s night time and after she nurses, happily falls back asleep without having to be soothed or rocked.
  • Is growing the most beautifully long eyelashes!  I’m quite jealous!

She is a beauty and I’m loving every precious moment with her! ❤


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