Addilyn Grows-2 weeks!

Miss Addilyn Murray is 3 weeks, which means it’s time for her 2 week post!

addi_2 weeks

It’s so crazy to me how fast she is growing!  Even just looking at the above picture compared to what she looks like now is remarkable! She is definitely plumping up!  She’s got a great double chin happening and her legs are chunking up a bit too!

At her 2 week check-up she weighed 7lbs 10oz!  She gained over a pound in less than 2 weeks, go Addi!  As I said, she is a nursing champ and she is thriving!  She was 22 inches long, which is in the 97th percentile, Scott is 5’8″ and I’m 5’3″ so we are shocked by how long she is!


Addilyn met her great-grandparents this week!


Addilyn also had a visit from her Grandpa and Nana 🙂

Little Miss is finally fitting into her newborn cloth diapers which I am SO glad of!  I hadn’t intended on using any disposable diapers on her, but being born as small as she was we had no choice.  I feel so much better putting cotton on her bum rather than those yucky disposables(no offense to anyone who chooses disposables, they just aren’t for us!)!


Addilyn met her great-great aunts this week too! Addilyn’s middle name, Murray, is after my grandfather who passed away when I was younger. These beautiful ladies are his sisters ❤

Addilyn recognizes our voices and will search the room with her eyes when she hears Scott or myself talking, until she finds us!  She enjoys tummy time and play time on her play mat.  The swing is kind of ‘old news’ to her lately, maybe she will rediscover how great it is soon? 🙂


2 week pictures outtake. She looks like she saw a ghost!

We had our post-partum visit with our Doula, Sara Beth this week.  She just loved Addilyn and was such  joy to visit with!  She had such wonderful things to say about my laboring and delivery.  She said it will stand out as one of the best births she has attended…wow, really?  She is the sweetest!  I can’t wait to hire her again for our next baby! 🙂


Addi-bug loves being wrapped!  I invested in a Girasol woven wrap.  It’s a gorgeous rainbow color and I looooove it, almost as much as Addilyn does!  Every time I put her in it to get housework done or cook, she falls asleep before I am even done wrapping it!  It’s great!  I highly reccomend baby-wearing, both for the benefits to baby and the ability to use both your hands while still being close to your baby 🙂


I’m hoping to brave whole foods and trader joes this coming week with the help of the wrap…we’ll see how it goes!


I’m still very hesitant to take Addilyn shopping.  I’m just so afraid something will happen mid-shopping trip and she will lose it and start screaming in the middle of the store!  She never does that at home and is such a good baby–but for some reason, I’m a little scared…hopefully I’ll get over that soon!

Happy 2 weeks, sweet baby girl!  We love you more than we ever thought possible!


I remember looking at Addilyn’s ultrasound picture of her profile and dreaming about kissing her sweet forehead and adorable nose! Now I get to do that and I can’t stop 🙂 🙂 ❤


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