Addilyn Grows–1 week!

Our sweet baby girl is 1 week old!  My hope is to be able to keep track of our baby girl’s growth and various milestones here on the blog.  Just like I did with my pregnancy.  I figure since they grow so quickly in the beginning, I will start with weekly posts and then transition into monthly ones.  I just don’t want to forget anything about this sweet, sweet time!

addi_1 week


During her first week we had her first doctors appointment.  It was 3 days after she was born and she did very well!  They checked her weight, which I was excited to see hadn’t changed!  She was 6lbs 8 oz at birth, 6 lbs 8oz when they discharged us from the hospital and 6lbs 8oz at her doctors appointment!  Doc said that means she is absorbing all the nutrients very well, hooray!  And I think it also means I make some pretty awesome milk :-p  She checked out great and the doctor said “She is perfect in every way!”.  Hello!  Music to my brand-new-mama-ears!!!


With our amazing Midwife, Blair! I can’t even express how grateful I am for her. I trusted her completely and she made the whole experience even better!


Our little family! This was after being in labor all night and having visitors all day :-p


Packing up our precious bundle to take her HOME! I loved the hospital but I was ready to go home!

The first week was great in regards to Addilyn’s behavior and adjustment to the outside world.  But the first week for me was honestly a bit bumpy.  I had heard about how your hormones go nuts, but I wasn’t totally prepared for it.  I was a little bit of a mess.  I think the hormones, my body trying to go back to ‘normal’ and the lack of sleep did me in!  I cried every morning, because I was so happy and couldn’t believe God had given me this beautiful miracle and I cried every evening, for unknown reasons…I was just plain sad.  It was so odd.  Thank goodness that went away 6 days after she was born, I was a little concerned it would turn into post partum depression, but I feel like my normal self again.  Praise God!

IMG_7416 IMG_7404

Addilyn basically lived in gowns for the first week.  It was the only thing that really fit her, even her newborn clothes were really loose!  We loved the gowns because they had built in mittens, she definitely needed those!  And it made diaper changing really easy, just lift the gown and and go.  She hates having her diaper changed.  Like really, really hates it.  So anything to speed up that process was a blessing.  It is heart-wrenching to hear her cry!  Speaking of crying…she rarely does it!  The only time is when she is being changed, other than that she is a pretty content little girl.  I am practicing more of the “attachment” parenting style, and I’m feeding on demand, I think that contributes a lot to her not crying.  I love it.  When people would try and talk to me about the different parenting methods, cry it out and strict schedules, my response was always “I’m just going to do what feels natural to me…” and let me tell you, withholding food from a newborn or letting her cry does not come natural 😀

AIMG_7405 IMG_7420 IMG_7435 IMG_7479 IMG_7481 IMG_7483

Addilyn was a breastfeeding champ right from the beginning.  Just seconds after she was born the midwife put her to my breast in an attempt to stop some of my bleeding and wouldn’t ya know the little girl latched on right away!  I couldn’t believe it, God’s design is perfect in every way.  She at every 2-3 hours while we were in the hospital and continued that once we got home.  My milk came in on day 3 and she adjusted well.

She didn’t like sleeping in her bassinet or pack ‘n play.  The only way for us to get any sleep was to hold her while she slept.  So I did just that and tried to catch a couple zzz’s myself when I could.  Between her nursing every couple hours and me waking at every peep she made, I didn’t sleep well.  But Scott was a champ and offered to do all the night-time diaper changes.  That was so helpful, because while he was changing her I could stretch out a bit or use the restroom or whatever.  Then he would give her back to me and we would find a comfortable position to rest in for a few more hours.  We did that on the couch for 3 nights and then we decided to go back to our bed.  Again, little miss wouldn’t sleep in her co-sleeper so she slept beside me in bed and we got lots of sleep that way.  She only woke to eat every 2 hours and Scott changed her diaper after the feedings.  We had finally found our groove!

She makes the funniest faces while she sleeps and grins A LOT.  She has perfected the kiss face, I think Scott caught a picture of it, I’ll post it sometime 🙂  Scott affectionately refers to it as her ‘tiny mouth face’.  Ha!

She is the most beautiful girl and we feel so incredibly blessed to be her parents.  God made her just perfect and placed her in our family, I am so grateful for that.  Words cannot even express the amount of happiness I feel to be her mother.  She is an angel and our little piece of heaven on earth.

We love you to the moon and back, baby girl!!! ❤ ❤


4 thoughts on “Addilyn Grows–1 week!

  1. She is so precious! And how neat…Blair delivered MY Addilyn, too! =) I LOVED her!
    Glad to hear you all are adjusting well! All of the pictures are just beautiful! So happy for you!

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