A new baby and a new blog!

It’s not like life with a new baby isn’t crazy enough, right? You are probably thinking I’m nuts transitioning my blog with a 2 week old! Actually, since I’m nursing her, I’ve found I’ve got a lot of spare time and it’s amazing what you can accomplish with one hand! Yes, this entire blog was created with just one hand…little Miss Addilyn LOVES to be held, so that’s pretty much what I do all day 🙂 But I’m okay with that, I know she will only be this small for a little while and I am soaking up every minute of this…one day she won’t want me to hold her and kiss her while she naps, so while she likes it–I’ll keep doing it!

I’m working on writing out our birth story, so as soon as that is done I will definitely be posting, for those who are curious!

And if you are wondering why I’m changing up my blog, there are a bunch of reasons, but mostly because I wanted to transition to more of a “family blog” rather than a crafty/diy project blog. I felt like most of my followers were there because of my projects, not for my every day life posts–and I mostly just want to write about my family, new life as a stay at home mom and keep track of special events in our lives. I will still write about my projects and things, I just don’t want to focus on that anymore.

So, welcome to my new blog! It’s still under construction, so bear with me. And feel free to follow via email, RSS or ‘bloglovin’ in the sidebar, whichever you prefer!!


2 thoughts on “A new baby and a new blog!

  1. LOVE the new blog! And I miss those nursing days and those sweet little “breaks” every three hours to sit and admire my baby! ,

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