39 Weeks and 3 Days…

…and boy am I exhausted!! You Mama’s out there are probably laughing at me, thinking the hardest part is yet to come—and I get that.  But this ‘labor could start any minute’ thing is driving me nuts!

I have been so blessed to have such a wonderful pregnancy.  I really can’t complain.  I wasn’t very sick in the beginning, we got our girl we were hoping for, she has been healthy every step of the way and I’m been feeling very good.  Until I hit 39 weeks…something changed.  I feel like Addilyn hit a growth spurt and there isn’t enough room for her anymore!  I literally went from feeling fine on Sunday, to totally ‘whale-like’ and yucky on Monday.  I decided I would take some time off work this week, in order to give myself a little break before she comes.  But I went to work on Tuesday and the amount of people that said “no baby yet?” or “you’re still here?” or *with a very sad face* “how are you feeling??” was INSANE!   I am miserable.  It’s hard to sit, lay down, sleep, eat…breath…haha, you name it!  I’m so thankful that I am just now experiencing all those things, because I know a lot of people experience it the whole time–so praise God for that!

It doesn’t help that I feel like my nerves are shot.  Like I said, the constant ‘unknown’ of when labor will begin is driving me NUTS!  I’ve been experiencing occasional ‘pre-labor’ contractions, some of which are quite painful, but it never turns to anything consistent–it just fakes me out.  Scott is extremely excited about meeting Addilyn and he is SO ready, so I feel like I am letting him down every night when he gets home from work…like he was hoping for a phone call that I was in labor but got nothing…ugh.

At my appointment yesterday I was surprised to hear that I was 2-3cm dilated and 70% effaced!  She is still at a -2 station, which is high–but obviously I am heading in the right direction!  The midwife ‘swept my membranes’, which caused some cramping and contractions for a few hours, but then it subsided.

Scott prayed over us at 11:30pm last night, just before bed and shortly after I felt a few contractions…but then I started panicking and worrying because I had taken a long walk earlier that day and tried to take a nap afterwards but I couldn’t–and I was worried if labor had started last night that I wouldn’t be well-rested enough to handle it..ugh, it’s always something–needless to say, the contractions didn’t continue :-/

So here I sit.  Just waiting and praying that I will go into labor soon…I know I’m not even at my due date yet, which is Monday–but I am so ready to have my baby girl in my arms!!!

Any advice on how to cope with this crazy last part of pregnancy? I would love to hear it!!


One thought on “39 Weeks and 3 Days…

  1. The end is so tough!! Jon use to tell me "I think this is God's way of making you feel READY for labor instead of scared or dreading it." I remember having to answer those questions people asked and freeling the same way! That last week before A was born I stayed home napping and watching movies, not answering any calls or texts cause I just got sick of saying "no baby yet." I think you're wise to staying home and resting up for the big day! It will help and you will be glad you did!That's awesome you're already 3cm! It took me hours just to get to three the first time! Only 7 more to go!! =}Hang in there! Try not to let it get to you if you go past your due date… It drove me crazy, both babies, bu I remember my midwife (actually Blair) saying "you're due date is not an expiration date, that baby will come when she's ready!" =}Praying for Gods perfect timing for you, girl!(p.s. went through some stuff and seems a lot of what I remember embroidering for A were mostly monograms ;( but I did find a summer dress with her name on it if you want it! Would love for it to be used again! If so email me where to send it! =} )

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