37, 38 and 39 Weeks

Yes, I’m getting lazy and writing the last 3 weeks in one post, mostly because there isn’t much to report!

39 weeks and I feel like a whale–ha!  Baby is measuring great.  Weight gain is at 30lbs(yipes!)  I was 2-3cm dilated, 70% effaced and -2 station at my appointment this week.  The midwife swept my membranes in hopes to ‘push me over the edge’ as she put it–nothing as of yet.

38 weeks and we got the carseat installed this weekend!  Scott has been so sweet and is realizing just how close we are to meeting our girl.  He has prepared himself to help me during labor and is really ready for it.  He has been really sweet to me lately(he always is, but especially this week) and kind of ‘clingy’, constantly hugging and kissing me.  It’s really sweet.  I’m not sure if it’s just the excitement or the realization that we are going to be parents in just a few weeks–either way, I love it!  He keeps talking about how he can’t wait to hold her and I love that!  Still feeling good this week.  I turned 25–yipes! lol  My belly measurement is magically “perfect” again, I guess Addilyn had a growth spurt or was just scrunched up in my tummy the past few weeks!

37 weeks and feeling good.  Declined the pelvic check, since they seem pointless.  You can be dilated and stay that way for weeks or you can not be dilated and go into labor that day–so strange.  I was measuring small so they did an ultrasound this week.  They estimated Addilyn to be 5 lbs and 7 oz, which is small, but in the normal range–the midwives aren’t concerned.



One thought on “37, 38 and 39 Weeks

  1. Cannot believe you're at the end! WOW! So excited to hear about your experience and to see pictures of YOUR Addilyn! =} I'll keep you in my prayers! Any day now!!!

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