35 Weeks!

Pregnancy Highlights:

How far along? 35 weeks!

Total Weight Gain/Loss: 17 lbs. 
Maternity Clothes: Yes!  
Gender:  Girl! Addilyn Murray
Movement: Lots of movement.  Seems like she has switched from her back being on my left side to it being on my right.  That changes where I feel all her kicks and punches–she is just keeping things interesting!
Sleep:  Better than the last couple weeks.  Besides the frequent potty breaks!
What I miss: Bending over without moaning…ha!  It just comes with the territory I guess.  Getting things done is just not as easy as it used to be–but that’s okay!
Cravings: Nope, no cravings. 
Symptoms:  I’m feeling pretty great this week.  I discovered that the more I do the stretches and exercises our doulas suggested, the less pressure and back pain I have.  So I’ve been trying to set aside time to do them multiple times throughout the day and it’s really helping!  Somehow it hurts more to lay down on the couch than to be up on hands and knees doing cat stretches.  Blessing in disguise maybe? šŸ™‚
Best Moment This Week: I have a few best moments this week.  We had our meeting with the 2 doulas that will be ‘on call’ during my labor.  It was great to get to talk about all of our desires for the birth–luckily we don’t want anything out of the ordinary and we won’t have to put up any fights at the midwifery center to get what we want.  What a blessing!  We also went to eat with Scott’s Dad and stepmom this week and I really enjoyed talking with them.  Scott brought up how I’ve had a positive outlook on this whole process and we truly believe that is why my pregnancy has been so smooth and such a joy.  I think perspective is everything and that you can change a situation based on your attitude and feelings towards it.  I could have “wallowed” in the yucky morning sickness, but I chose to downplay it and pretend it wasn’t there.  I have very fond memories of the first trimester–queasiness and all!  Same for every stage thus far.  Do I have back pain? Yes, is it in the end of the world and do I have to tell everyone in sight?  Nope. And when people tell me “sleep now!  because you won’t get any once she’s here” I say bring it on!  I may get exhausted but I don’t want to take any one of those night feedings for granted.  I want to wake up and say “Thank you Lord for this beautiful blessing…”  That was my Mom’s perspective when she had her 4 children–and maybe that is where I get it from.  I asked her recently if she had any problem with post partum depression, to which she replied “I had the opposite!  I felt sorry for everyone else in the world who didn’t have this baby…” How awesome is that?  She also said she used to lie awake at night and wait for us to start to fuss so she could go get us and feed us.  I want to have that very same perspective!  And I want to pass that on to Addilyn and pray for generations of happy, thankful pregnant daughters and granddaughters!



2 thoughts on “35 Weeks!

  1. You are almost there, WOW!! You are SO right about the midwifery center. I can vividly remember the feeling, during labor, when we arrived there. I just felt so relieved and thankful to be there because I KNEW they would take care of me! It's SUCH relief to know that they really do want the best for you and your birth. I had a different experience with Noah,(not in a mid-wifery center) so it made me appreciate being there even more! I'm excited to hear about your experience!And you are a wise mama having such a thankful perspective on the whole experience. Those sleepless nights can be so exhausting but you absolutely love it all at the same time! I miss those newborn days! You still look adorable, by the way! =)

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