34 Weeks!

Pregnancy Highlights:

How far along? 34 weeks!

Total Weight Gain/Loss: 17 lbs. 
Maternity Clothes: Yes!  
Gender:  Girl! Addilyn Murray
Movement: Feeling strong kicks to the ribs, sometimes it takes my breath away–literally!
Sleep:  Not great.  Lots of late night trips to the bathroom which interrupt my sleep, otherwise it’s good!
What I miss: Sleep!
Cravings: Nope, no cravings. 
Symptoms:  Still having some wrist pain in my wrists, primarily my right though.  Lots of pressure.
Best Moment This Week: Going to our last natural birthing class.  The last class was just for the Mama’s and it was great to really connect with the ladies and be able to ask lots of questions without feeling weird in front of the other husbands.  It was bittersweet because I really enjoyed the 7 weeks with the birth educators.  They did a great job of keeping the class fun and yet VERY informative.  I feel SO MUCH more prepared now, call me crazy, but I really cannot wait to go into labor!



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