Baby Shower and Update

I’ve gotten a few emails from ladies asking for an update–I’m still here 🙂  We are sitting at 35 1/2 weeks and I plan to post my “bump-dates” soon!  I can’t believe I am almost 36 weeks…which is almost 37 weeks…which is full term.  I’ve loved every minute of this and I am SO ready to meet our girl.

We met with our doulas this week and went over our preferences for birth.  They want me to call/text after every appointment(which is weekly now!) and update them on all that is happening–I can’t believe I am here.  At the beginning of this pregnancy the end seemed so. far. off.  Not because I wasn’t enjoying it, but because I wanted our baby girl in my arms.  Time has flown!  I’m looking forward to what the next few weeks hold for Scott and I.

Our maternity photo shoot is Monday and I’m super excited.  I *think* I’ve picked out my outfits, they are awaiting husband approval and then we will see what we can find for him to wear.  Can’t wait to post the pictures!! EEE!

Back in the beginning of February, my Mom and two younger sisters threw me a baby shower.  They worked so hard and it turned out to be such a fun day.  Back in November when they told me their plans, I had a few requests–NO BOYS and minimal games 🙂  I think I mentioned it before, but I think the guys ruin the sweet atmosphered of a baby shower.  Lets face it, they really don’t want to be there. Ha.  And I like the silly games–though most of them are just plain weird.  But honestly, I’d rather just chat with my friends and family…so that’s what we did!  There were a few raffle/giveaways to make it fun, but they kept the games to a minimum and it was just perfect.

I’m going to let the pictures speak for themselves…



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