Current happenings…

I’ve gotten quite a few new followers over the past couple of days–and I just want to say HELLO and thanks for following along!

I have posted several ‘pregnancy highlights’ posts the past few days.  I had gotten behind on them(I know, shameful) and I’m trying to catch up!  I am currently 30 weeks and will post that update when I’m 31 weeks and so on…

I can’t believe I’m 30 weeks pregnant.  Our sweet girl is growing like crazy in there and I am beyond thankful to God for allowing me to be her Mommy and carry her inside of me for 9 months.  What a beautiful miracle it is.  I hope she knows how much her Daddy and I love her already…sometimes I feel like my heart might explode!

The tiredness has really hit me this week.  I just feel like I’ve been hit by a truck by the end of the day…and it doesn’t help that I’m crazy busy at work in the evenings, mostly trying to figure out how to train someone to replace me(so I can work from home, *YAY!*) and I’m rushing around all morning trying to sneak in all my appointments, classes and various errands!  I think working from 1pm-9pm everyday is actually biting me in the boot-ay.  I’ve always loved it, but now–I wake up at 8ish, get ready for the day, run off to various appointments and errands, come home and eat lunch, head to work with Scott and then don’t get home until AT LEAST 9:30pm, if not later.  That is a FULL day.  People keep telling me to rest, but to that I say: “WHEN?!”  My only option is in the morning, and it feels weird to rest in the morning, considering I just woke up!  Ha!  Nevertheless, I’m T-I-R-E-D.  And I’ve still got a solid 8-10 weeks to go.  So, today?  I am resting.  I woke up with a pretty bad headache(probably weather induced, it’s been yucky and rainy all week!) and instead of taking medicine and heading to work, I’m laying on the couch all day.  And it feels good. 🙂

My Mom and Sisters notified me a few weeks ago that they would be throwing me a shower!  So exciting.  I immediately requested that it be a girls only shower–I am so not into the whole co-ed baby shower thing!  1.) Let’s face it, the guys hate it and you know it.  I never enjoy co-ed showers because I spend the entire time feeling bad for all the men in the room.  2.) The guys ruin the sweet atmosphere.  The “oo-ing” and “ah-ing” over the tiny baby clothes just isn’t the same with men in the room, it’s just not.  I don’t mind co-ed wedding showers, but baby showers?  All girls, thanks!

Any-hoozle, my Mom insisted that we do the shower as quickly as possible.  Her logic?  Because if we “hurry up and get the shower out of the way the next big thing is her birth-day!“.  So with that, Scott and I headed to the nearest Babies R Us and got registered for some baby items.  It was fun, overwhelming, but fun.  The few things babies r us didn’t sell(cloth diapers, mostly) we registered for on

In other news, Scott built us a bed.  Like for real.  A real bed, out of solid wood.  I thought he was crazy and I was definitely pulling for another trip to ikea…but he really surprised me and built us a beautiful piece of furniture!  Here is a photo dump:

It took him 2 solid days of work, from morning to night.  He found the plans on  Also, in a fit of “nesting”, I needed him to paint our room and I needed to completely redecorate it.  So we did that on New years day 🙂 He is such a trooper!  You can’t see it in these photos, but he also hung crown moulding in our bedroom–totally gorgeous!  I’ll post more pics once I get some shelves and pictures hung!


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2 thoughts on “Current happenings…

  1. Awe- Kristin, I love it! He did a fabulous job on the bed. It is gorgeous. Showing to the husband of mine so he can get an idea! Happy 30 weeks pretty Mama! I can't wait for you to meet your baby girl. You are going to be in so much love. It's been rainy here too. Rest up!!!

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