29 weeks!

Pregnancy Highlights:

How far along? 29 weeks!

Total Weight Gain/Loss: 11 lbs.(I’m not sure how it’s possible, but my weight is holding steady!  I feel huge though!)  

Maternity Clothes: Yes!  
Gender:  Girl!  Still haven’t decided on a middle name–eesh!  Hopefully we will soon!
Movement: All. the. time.  Still laying transverse and using the bed as a trampoline, it is extremely uncomfortable to have her kicking through my stomach..haha.  Seeing a chiropractor this week and also trying some stretches on spinningbabies.org to see if we can get her to flip head down!
Sleep:  Eh, having some pack pains as well as struggling with her constant STRONG kicks.  Seeing a chiropractor this week to see if it helps the back pain!
What I miss: Sushi.  Sushi.  Sushi.  Man, I could really go for some salmon!
Cravings: Nope, no cravings. 
Symptoms:  Back pain, feels kind of “nerve” like, hopefully the chiropractor can fix me up!  I’m seeing someone certified in the webster technique for pregnant women–I think it’s going to be good!  I literally tried sleeping on my hands and knees the other night, it’s the only way to get relief.  Of course I didn’t sleep!
Best Moment This Week: Going to our first birth insight natural childbirth class!  They made it really fun–even for the husbands!  All the couples in the class are first time parents so it makes it even more fun learning all this together.  Looking forward to the next 6 weeks!!

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