Christmas Recap

I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas!  We enjoyed spending lots of time with family this year.  

On Saturday, we got to watch this handsome nephew of ours so his Mom and Dad could get some last minute Christmas shopping done!  He is such a blessing and the most well behaved little boy!  He loved playing with Lily and would just laugh and laugh when she would get the ball after he threw it.  He also enjoyed dancing with Uncle Scott.  He learned a few new dance moves and had us cracking up!

He loves my iphone and knows how to work it–he turned on the camera so I couldn’t resist getting a little  picture of us!

 Then Saturday night we went to Scott’s Dad’s house with all his siblings for a meal.  It was a pretty chill time, I enjoyed just hanging out with everyone.

For Christmas Eve this year, we hosted and I made veggie Lasagna, salad and french bread for dinner.  It was a hit!  Everyone loved it.  And I baked some vegan red velvet cupcakes that I will definitely be posting the recipe for because they were SO good.  My FIL told me they were the best cupcakes he had ever had.  He had 2 AND he is allergic to gluten!  lol!

After dinner we went to the Christmas eve service at wave church.  It was phenomenal as expected!  Complete with Christmas Carols and fake snow!

The whole crew!  Scott’s 3 sisters,  1 sis-in-law, 2(of 3) brothers, Mom and Step-Dad 

After dinner we went back to our house for a fun gift exchange!

For Christmas we went to my Mom and Dad’s for a delicious breakfast of waffles w/berries, breads, grits and other wonderful things!

Lily on our way to my Mom and Dad’s

 Two of my favorite gifts:

My SIL Brittany made these “mommy and me” hats for Addilyn and I!  How cute?!  I can’t wait to wear these next winter!

and these adorable “mommy and me” bracelets!!!!!!!!  How cute?!  I can hardly stand it!

 We had an extra day off on Wednesday and we finally went and saw the hobbit!  It was great and nice to go out on a date together!

And last but not least, we put up a few new things in Addilyn’s room and I’m loving it!  I will do another post with more details once her room is closer to being done.  But here is a little more of a sneak peek. 
When we were at IKEA a few weeks ago, Scott and I found a bed that we really liked.  We just weren’t prepared to buy a bed while we were there, ha!  So my parents got it for us for Christmas!  We were so surprised and we have never had a real headboard and footboard before(crazy, i know!).  So we will probably head to ikea again this Saturday for a quick trip to pick up our bed and a couple nightstands.  I am in the process of getting new curtains and bedding and I can’t wait to post about it once the bedroom is done!
We were getting jealous of Addi’s room and felt like we should spoil ourselves with a little bit of a master bedroom makeover šŸ˜€

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