Nursery Progress

Since we live on the east coast, we had the pleasure of meeting Sandy a couple weekends ago.  She wasn’t nearly as bad as they had originally thought, it was just a bit of rain and wind–no big deal.  However, the schools were closed and so was our work so we had 2 full days(Sunday and Monday) to stay in the house and begin work on the nursery.

The plans changed minimally, I like the chevron, but I think we are going for a bit less modern and more classic, so it will be pink, white and grey still–just minus the chevron.

But we began our work on Sunday with painting the top portion of the walls ‘porpoise’ grey by  Then we cut all the board and batten wood and nailed those to the wall.  While I was painting the board and batten, Scott hung the crown moulding…here are a few photos:

Before.  Blank white walls since our house was built.  That black monster is a hideous lazy boy(w/a sheet over it) that will get a nice makeover if it stays in the nursery.

Before.  I love the little cutout on the left.  Perfect for a rocker and side table!


Getting ready to paint.

First coat of grey going on.

Daddy hard at work cutting the moulding.  That was a LOT of work!  WHEW!

There are a lot of edges to edge.

We still have some filling, sanding and touch ups to do…but it’s looking pretty good!

I will be sure our little girl knows how hard her Daddy worked to give her the best looking room in the house!

Next up, we just have to touch up a few things, clear out all the junk and start decorating–the fun part!



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