19 Weeks!

Hello growth spurt!  Scott wasn’t around so I had to use the timer.  I was going for a backlit look, didn’t quite turn out like I had envisioned..ha!

Total Weight Gain/Loss: Up 6 lbs.  
Maternity Clothes: Maternity jeans and shirts!  I’m loving the side ruched tops, I find them to be very flattering and it seems like they will last my whole pregnancy, it’s great!  Finding the perfect pair of maternity jeans has proved to be quite difficult–I found some bootcut, now I need a pair of skinny jeans.
Gender:  A perfect little girl we have named Addilyn(still no middle name!)
Movement: I’ve heard people describe the movement as ‘flutters’ or ‘popcorn popping’, but lately I think I can feel elbows and knees, it feels really boney and so obvious–I love it!  
Sleep:  Sleeping great!

What I miss: Nothing.  I’m basking in the energy and happiness of the 2nd trimester!
Cravings: Nope, no cravings. 
Symptoms:  Heartburn only.
Best Moment This Week: Going to our anatomy scan and discovering that our little Addilyn is PERFECT in every way!  Her heart, organs, brain, skull, legs, arms…and on and on, she is perfect and we are so thankful to God for that!  As usual, she was wiggling like crazy during the ultrasound and after the tech had loaded my tummy up with warm goop, she had to run out of the room–I told Scott she was moving and he looked and SAW her moving around!  I thought since he could SEE the movement, he should be able to feel it.  So later that night I laid on my back and sure enough, he felt her kick twice!  It was so fun!  Her movements have become so prominent now and I’m loving it!

Here is our little beauty!  



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