Baby things…

After finding out that our precious baby was a GIRL, we didn’t waste much time running to the store to pick out some cute outfits.  I was thinking it would make it feel more “real” to have a couple adorable outfits in her nursery.  I’m still having trouble believing that I am actually growing a human being inside of me…it is such a miracle and I tear up every.single.time. I think about it.  Praise God for this amazing experience, I feel so blessed to be able to experience it!
*disclaimer-we are not going crazy buying a bunch of clothes our little girl will only be able to wear for 5 seconds. lol. we are being reasonable, in case you thought you’d give me advice in that area(like every other well meaning mother I come in contact with) 🙂 *
This picture feels so surreal…I love it!  No, he wasn’t really walking around like that, I made him pose for it. ha!
Our collection of baby stuff is growing!  We have a co-sleeper, some cloth diapers, books and a couple outfits!

We have had a girl name picked out for a long time.  A girl I used to work with named her little girl Addilyn and the minute she told me that was what she was going to name her daughter, I fell in love.  I remember getting chills when I would think about the name because I knew that I would have a little girl one day named Addilyn.  I gave my friend a warning that I was going to use her daughter’s name if we had a girl and she didn’t seem to mind 😉  After all, imitation is the highest form of flattery, right? 🙂

The middle name is still in the works.  I’m not sure if I want to just use a pretty name or something more meaningful, like a family name or something…working on it.



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