It’s a….

GIRL!  We had our elective ultrasound last week at 16 weeks and after over an hour of trying to get her to move into a better position, the tech was finally able to say with 95% certainty that she was a girl!  Here are some pictures from that day…

We left work early in order to get the ultrasound at 7:30pm


Family came to watch the DVD of our beautiful girl!

Some of the family that came over to watch the DVD to find out if it was a boy or girl!  This is after they found out and were busy telling the rest of the world πŸ˜‰
She is just beautiful!  We added the bow to announce to that she was a girl.

16 weeks here

The ultrasound was supposed to be a 15 minute “pink or blue” ultrasound.  But little miss had something else in mind :-).  She was SUPER wiggly the whole time(which was good), she was just laying in a weird position where the tech couldn’t get a perfect shot.  From the very start she kept saying “looks like girl…I just want to be absolutely sure!’ Which I was glad of… I didn’t want her to take a wild guess, haha!  So she had me flip on different sides, drink water, go to the bathroom, walk around…etc.  She was so nice and even took the next client while I walked and drank water so she could take another peek to try and be really sure.  If they couldn’t get a good shot, they would’ve brought me back for free–she just didn’t want us to have to wait.  Anyways, after getting a ton of shots at lots of angles it was easy for her to take off the “?” and add “!!!!” to the text on the screen.

We were thrilled to hear that she was a girl, I wasn’t really surprised though–Scott and I both thought she was a girl from the beginning so when she told us I was like “duh!” haha.  Did I mention we are thrilled?! I’ve always dreamed of having a little girl and I was definitely praying for one once I found out that I was expecting.  Praise God for answering my prayers!  We can’t wait to meet this little girl!



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