17 weeks!

This photo is terrible but our DSLR battery was dead–don’t ask why my face is not in the shot, lol.  My belly has started to “pop”.
17 weeks?!  Really?  I cannot believe it and I feel like time is flying by!  I love it, I can’t wait to hold this baby!  And in case you missed it…we are having a GIRL!

Total Weight Gain/Loss: Up 3 lbs, finally!   
Maternity Clothes: Maternity jeans, regular and maternity shirts.  Scott took me shopping yesterday and we had fun picking out some maternity shirts.
Gender: We were right–it’s a girl!!
Movement: VERY prominent movements this week!  I’ve always said that she is obviously a wiggly baby and the u/s last week confirmed that–she was wiggling the WHOLE time!  I love it.  
Sleep:  Sleep is about the same.  I wake up quite often to use the restroom and drink water. 
What I miss: Nothing.  I’m loving being pregnant!
Cravings: Nope, no cravings. 
Symptoms:  None, just watching my belly grow and feeling great.  I really feel like my belly “popped” this week.  It’s becoming more obvious that I’m pregnant and I love that.
Best Moment This Week: Going shopping for Maternity clothes with Scott yesterday.  It was just really fun.  I mostly loved when we were walking around the mall and he would spot some baby girl clothes and gravitate towards them.  He kept picking up these adorable sweaters and jackets with the cutest look on his face–I LOVE IT. 



3 thoughts on “17 weeks!

  1. no cravings is a great sign, so i've heard – it means you're getting all the right vitamins and minerals in your diet! are you being seen at depaul? if you're looking for a childbirth class, i HIGHLY recommend BirthInSight – those ladies are awesome!

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