14 and 15 weeks!

I’m now officially 16 weeks and plan to get a picture up soon.   Not much happened between weeks 14 and 15, I was too lazy to take photos so I will just write about it here for my own remembrance.

My energy came rushing back at week 14.  I’m so so thankful for that!  I feel like a completely different person and I feel better now than I did before I was pregnant(go figure?!).  I feel like a million bucks and have been told by many that I have the “glow”.  I’m not totally sure what that means, but I’ll take it 🙂  I’m still feeling some movement although it is still quite faint.

I had my 16 week check up with the midwife and that went really well.  She looked over my food journal and critiqued it a little bit.  She is very impressed by how seriously I’m taking it and says it’s “refreshing” to come across people who care as much as I do.  I was happy to hear that.  She thinks I need to up my protein intake though, so I’m going to start researching how to get more of that in my diet(without eating dairy or meat).  She also says I can eat a lot more because I am currently eating “like a bird.”  I told her I wasn’t trying to do that–I just don’t have a huge appetite.  I will work on that also.   I’m up 3lbs from my last visit!  I lost 5lbs in the first trimester so I was glad to see the scale going up a little(I know, I’ve never said that before!).  The heart was beating perfectly at 150bpm and that sound was music to my ears!

I’m still not sure when all this will feel real to me.  I know I’m pregnant because I can see my bump growing, but I don’t always think that it’s *our* baby, is that weird?  We find out the gender TONIGHT at 7:30pm.  We are having an elective ultrasound at a 3d/4d place to find out earlier than our 20 week anatomy scan.  My thought is to try and get the nursery and everything else done during the 2nd trimester while I still have energy and am not huge.  We’ll see how it goes…

I’m already nesting.  I wasn’t really expecting it until the 3rd trimester but I’m already feeling the pressure to get my house completely cleaned and organized–and keep it that way until the baby comes. We stayed up until midnight on Monday making lists of everything we needed to get done in every room of the house.  Everything from paint, to new carpets, to cleaning ceiling fans and re-grouting our vanities.  Whew.  It is a lot to do… Plus, once we find out if this baby is a BOY or GIRL we will be able to start on the nursery–yay!

Hello heartburn!  I’ve always been sort of prone to this, at least for most of my adult life.  But this seems so much worse, more painful and bothersome.  I can deal though.  I just hope it doesn’t get much worse.

Did I mention we will find out the gender tonight?! I really cannot wait and I am hoping it will make this pregnancy feel more real.  I think seeing the baby looking more “baby-like” will help a lot.   We are having my family and Scott’s family over tonight to watch the DVD and that is how they will find out about the dinner.  Scott grabbed a few pink and blue balloons for our house to make it more exciting 🙂

Once I find out the gender, I can start on the nursery and all the little DIY projects I have in mind!



2 thoughts on “14 and 15 weeks!

  1. So good to hear that all is going well for you, my daughter says she often doesn't think of herself as being pregnant she knows she is she can see her belly growing but it doesn't feel real yet……

  2. I totally know what you mean about how "you just can't believe you're having a baby." I remember (even the second time around) stopping in my tracks when the thought would hit me, "there is a tiny life growing INSIDE MY BODY!" It's so crazy! Such a miracle! Can't wait for all the pics and posts to come!

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