12 Weeks!

12 Weeks!
Size of Baby: Plum…2.1 inches long and weighs .49 oz.!
Total Weight Gain/Loss: I’m down 4 lbs since I conceived.  I haven’t been really sick, it’s just hard to find things that sound appetizing and I get full really quickly.  I had lost 20lbs over the past 6 months and had an *almost* flat stomach…that is obviously slip-slidin’ away…My waist is no longer, ha!
Maternity Clothes: I’m thinking the switch to maternity pants is in my near future.  I’ve been using the rubber band trick since about 8 weeks and it’s worked pretty well.  But this past week has been rough in the jeans department, so I ordered 2 pair of maternity jeans from ol.d navy and they should be arriving here on Saturday–right before our cruise!
Gender: Before we even conceived, I was thinking we would have a girl first, but that’s totally just a hunch.  We would be thrilled with either one.  Scott agrees, he thinks girl too.  I am such a “planner”, that I was determined to find out the se.x early.  I found a 3d/4d place locally that will do gender scans at 16 weeks for a very reasonable price…so, we scheduled that appointment for October 8th!  I cannot wait!
Movement: People might think I’m crazy, but I’m pretty sure I’ve been feeling this baby for a couple weeks now. I’ve read all over the internet and in all my pregnancy books that it isn’t possible to feel yet–But I’m pretty sure I’m feeling it.  It was very faint in the beginning, but the last couple days have been more prominent.  I’m pretty in tune with my body and it is definitely not something I’ve ever felt before. 
Sleep:  Not great.  I’ve been waking up for 2-3 hours in the night and unable to fall back to sleep.  So I just lay there and think about the baby and pray for him/her.  I’m hoping this improves because my energy levels are already so low!
What I miss: Nothing really. I’m just really happy to be pregnant.  Luckily the thought of coffee has been making me feel sick, so that is easy to avoid–at least right now!
Cravings: No food cravings.  But I did muster up the energy to bake some bread for the first time in a month and I forgot how much I missed it!  I’ve been eating peanut butter toast and I’m regretting not baking sooner!  Sooo good!
Symptoms:  Smells bother me still, in fact they seemed to of gotten worse over the past week.  I hope that lets up before the cruise–eek.  I’m tired A LOT.  My hip joints are achey, not sure if it is pregnancy related, but I’ve never had that issue before.  Trade.r Joe’s “ver.y berry cl.usters” cereal is the MAGIC stuff!  Everyday that I eat that cereal w/soy milk for breakfast I don’t feel nauseated–if I don’t eat it–I do!  How funny?  I thought it was just a fluke thing, but we have run out twice and both times I’ve gotten sick.  Weird, huh?
Best Moment This Week: Hearing our precious little baby’s heartbeat when we went to our midwife appointment this week!  It was beating strong at 169bpm!
I’m so happy to be pregnant and that this baby is doing well!  Can’t wait to find out the gender so we can start preparing.  We love you already, baby!



One thought on “12 Weeks!

  1. You are so adorable, Kristin! So happy to hear that everything seems to be going smoothly for you! By the way, I noticed the term "Mid-wife" (which totally makes me smile!) so I thought I'd throw it out there that I know some AMAZING doulas in VB if you're interested! =) Hope you are able to relax and enjoy your cruise! Fun times!

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