Can’t catch a break!


Busy doesn’t even begin to describe my life right now.  I don’t know how all you moms out there do it!  I have a hard enough time taking care of my house, my job, my husband and myself…I can’t imagine having multiple little ones with needs as well!

To fully understand what makes my life so busy, I should probably go into more detail of what exactly my husband and I do…

We are lucky enough to be able to run/manage/operate a martial arts school(think franchise, sort of, but not as risky).  There is a founder(who happens to be Scott’s step-dad) and we operate a store-front “branch” of the school.  We manage everything from employees, students, money, tuition, marketing, collections, special events, after-school programs, enrollments….and the list goes on….forever…..and ever….
Don’t get me wrong, we love what we do.  But managing a school of 192 students is no easy task.  We start our days early and we end them late.  We wake up in the middle of the night to ask if someone remembered to tell someone something at the school.  We do whatever needs to be done…even if it’s not technically, “our job”.

For instance, last week, Scott and I ran our spring break camps.  Which means we started our work days at 5:30am.  We spent the days keeping 30 first-fifth graders busy with games, crafts and field trips.  As well as staying on top of all the administrative stuff and teaching great classes at night.

Scott and I have a lovely staff and great bosses.  We get to spend everyday together and not much could be better that that!  We are so, so lucky.  I’m not complaining.


All that to say…that is why I have been a bad blogger lately, so please excuse me. 
Hopefully that will help you understand a little more about me and what I do 🙂



3 thoughts on “Can’t catch a break!

  1. I think that is awesome that y'all get to work together. I know exactly what you mean about exhausted from a "family run business". But, it is a different aspect of the knowing for me… I grew up with my family members owning chains of convenient stores and mercy alive; talk about exhausting. When my grandparents retired, they ask my sister and I if we wanted the business and we sadly said no. We had so many reasons behind that. We grew up with our grandparents not attending school/dance functions, etc. My Mom + her brother and sisters already told them they did not want them. My sister and I made a very great decision and said we just couldn't raise our children that way. & my mom, aunts and uncles do not regret it either. A great {other} family started their own family chain with them. 🙂 But, honey…we only have one kid, I do not work and I do not see how in the world people function with multiple children, work full time and then take care of the home, etc. SO, totally fell ya there. I have been a horrible blogger myself lately. Time just gets away from you. I sat down three days ago and I said to myself I have so much that I have not posted, and did not know where to start…needless to say I did not get far at all. Ha. And, precious picture!!! :)Y'all are a precious couple. [ Sorry, I jabbered too much! ] ♥

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