Cleaner Living!

So I wrote last week about how I am slowly trying to switch my personal and household products over to “cleaner” versions.  Less chemicals, easier on the planet…etc.  I wrote about how scary it is that the chemicals we clean our bathrooms with can build up in our systems and affect our hormones and tons of other stuff!  Same thing goes for the facial cleansers and makeups we all use.  Crazy, right?


I am a huge fan of Shaklee products.  If you are not sure what Shaklee is, click the link and see for yourself.  I am a firm believer in their products.  You can have confidence and know that their products always work, are always safe and are always green!  They are organic and use ONLY the most bio-available vitamins and minerals in their supplements.  Their household cleaners are amazing and their skin care products are to die for!


 I’ve noticed such a huge difference in my energy, how well I sleep and my skin, since I’ve started taking their multi-vitamin.  I take Vita-lea Women.

Household Cleaners

I also use their “get clean” household products:

The Basic H comes in a concentrate so it’s an “investment” up front(as opposed to the $4.50 you pay for lysol), but it winds up being MUCH cheaper than anything you can buy in a store.  It’s completely safe(ahem, you can even drink it, however, I do not recommend that!), you can wash windows, doors, toilets, showers…even fruits and vegetables!  My grandmother even uses it in the shower….Now if that isn’t multi-purpose, I don’t know what is!  You mix a couple teaspoons in a large bottle w/sprayer and go to town!  I love that it doesn’t have a strong smell, but you know it’s getting the job done!

Skin Care

I use their Purifying Toner and Balancing Moisturizer.  I have oily skin, but it also dries out easily.  It’s excruciatingly difficult to find the right products for my face, but I think these 2 are the best.  The toner gets rid of the oil and the moisturizer is light enough to not add any excess oils to my skin.  Love!

I’m crossing my fingers and toes and hoping they will bring back their makeup line!  Apparently the minerals they used are so rare that they were running out of resources!

I’m not getting paid and no one asked me to write about this company.  These are simply just some products that I have grown to love over the years.  I love that they are safe for me and my family.  I love that they are committed to quality and are a good value.

In other news….

I’m in full packing mode!  Scott and I are planning to leave this weekend and we are so ready!  Because we run our own business, we don’t get away a lot.  We are headed to Gatlinburg, TN and we couldn’t be more excited!  
I am also trying to finish up my jewelry armoire before I go so I can share it with you!  It’s turning out just like I envisioned….think crisp, clean white exterior with a beautiful light paisley print interior.  You are gonna LOVE it!  As well as bake 10 loaves of bread, clean the whole house AND pack me and the hubs!  Shew!  I think I can, I think I can…..



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