I can’t believe I am 24!

Thursday, March 15th was my 24th Birthday!  I do love my birthday, it’s fun to be “recognized” for a day…but I don’t like the fact that my ‘number’ increases every year.  I know, some people will say “24 is young!!”, to me, it’s not young.  It’s 1 year away from 25, which is half way to 50.  I’m not totally stressed about it, but I really don’t like getting older.  If I could stay at 22, I’d be happy with that. 
Scott and I took the day off and he took me shopping at the Williamsburg Outlets.  They have some great stores at these outlets and they are always having sales!  Some of my favorites include Coach, Ann Taylor, Eddie Bauer and Guess.  
I pretty much never leave those outlets without a new coach bag.  I’m obsessed with them and I don’t use any other bags.  They are high quality, handmade and gorgeous!  So I walked away with a beautiful, colorful new coach bag.  That makes 4!
 I also snagged a pair of jeans that look like they were made for me, from Ann Taylor…on clearance, plus 40% off!  24.99 πŸ™‚
I grabbed some mineral eyeshadows from Bare Minerals too!

Scott even bought some bass ‘boat shoes’, which I love.  I’ve been trying to get him to wear something other than indoor soccer shoes, since I married him.  I finally succeeded!  Haha!
It decided to POUR, DOWN, RAIN, while we were there.  Only for 5 minutes though πŸ™‚
While it rained, I enjoyed a peanut butter bucket from the chocolate factory!
We left the outlets around 5 and headed over to Olive Garden.

 We finished the night with water for elephants the movie and cold stone ice cream!  Dark chocolate with strawberries, to be exact!
Scott bought me a jewelry armoire, which I had been wanting for years!  He found it on craigslist and said he thought we should refinish it, because it would be a good project for my blog.  How sweet is that?!  He DOES pay attention!! πŸ™‚
We painted it last night and I am going to line the insides with a cute fabric I bought.  I can’t wait to show you!!!!!!!



8 thoughts on “I can’t believe I am 24!

  1. Sounds like you had a fabulous birthday celebration! All of my favorite things – shopping, Coach, Olive Garden and Cold Stone!! I think 24 was the first year I had a panic attack about getting older. Since then, I haven't had time! LOLWhat an awesome hubby to buy you that jewelry armoire!!!

  2. Ok happy birthday and yes 24 is young I am turning 50 this year but in my head and heart I am still only 21…………..lol Next that peanut butter bucket looks yummy we don't have them here…….

  3. Happy belated birthday! I'm 24 too and I agree with you. 22 was much better. Oh well, it's inevitable we're going to get older so we might as well embrace it! You got some awesome gifts! I love Coach too, and I've just ventured into Michael Kors; you should try an MK next! I love it!!

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