Trading Blogs, A Guest Post!!

I signed up to “trade blogs” over at Melissa’s Blog Serendipity and Spice.  My trading blogs partner is Danni from Silo Hill Farm!  She has a great blog going over there and I’m so exciting that she is going to be sharing one of her adorable projects with us…
Take it away Danni…

Hi! I’m Danni from Silo Hill Farm and I’m trading blogs with Kristin today through a series created by Melissa at Serendipity and Spice called “Trading Blogs”.  She is always coming up with something fun.  Thank you Kristin for letting me guest post here at The Simple Things today. 
I grew up in a suburb of Chicago but am now living on a small farm in Missouri.  It was quite a change, but I love it.  In the fall our farm is transformed (I would like to say “magically” but it’s really a lot of hard work) into a pumpkin patch and corn maze that is open to the public.  It is more fun than you can imagine!  My other passion, besides growing pumpkins, is crafting. 
I’ve been seeing banners in various forms popping up all over Pinterest and blogs and I really wanted to make one.  This is the end result of my banner project:

The hardest part was deciding on colors because spring pastels are all so pretty!  I couldn’t decide, so I chose them all!

I started with some pretty linen card stock:
I chose some paint chips buttons and some sparkly gems in complimentary colors:
I cut the paint chips into borders to go across the top of my banner, then I cut the linen card stock into a pennant shape using a pattern that I just drew onto a piece of manila folder.  I used some “punch out” letters that came in a book to spell “spring”.  I used a hole punch to put holes in the top of the banner so I could run a piece of garden twine to hang it by.  At this point, I wanted to add a tiny flower to the bottom of each pennant.  It was a Sunday and I didn’t have the right colors of flowers and I really didn’t want to go to town, so I made my own.  You can read about how I did it here, but they turned out like this:
It was surprisingly easy and I got just the colors I needed!
Now my banner looked like this:
I added a little sparkle by putting some “gems” below the paint chip border and some ribbon streamers in between the pennants.
My finished banner ended up being about 3 feet across.

Now I’m ready to welcome spring with a festive banner!  I hope you’ll stop by my blog and see some of my other fun projects!

Hope over to her blog and show her some love!



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