Planning our 5 year Wedding Anniversary trip!

I cannot believe we are coming up on years!  Sometimes it feels like just yesterday and other times I feel like I can hardly remember what it felt like before I knew Scott.  We started dating when we were 15 years old.  We had an incredible time dating each other!  So that led us to Scott proposing when we were 17, I know, that’s young right?  It seems crazy when I look back on it, but it was so right when we were doing it.  Everyone knew it, his parents knew it, my parents knew it…it was truly God orchestrated and I could not be more grateful for that.  
We have been kicking around some ideas of where to go and what to do on our Anniversary.  Finally, last night, we decided to go to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee!  I couldn’t be more excited!  We found this awesome cabin and got a great deal on it.  The benefit of going to Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge is that there is beautiful nature all around, it’s the smoky mountains after all! And there is also PLENTY to do to keep you busy.  Shows, museums, restaurants..etc.  I love a good balanced vacation, filled with natural beauty and rest…but also the option for some fun activities.  Sounds prefect, right?!
Here is our cabin:
How adorable is this?
Um, look at the view from bed?  I hope I will actually get up in the mornings, ha!  Not to
mention the fireplace!

Um, hello?!?!  So stinkin’ awesome!

We’ll be drinking our coffee here in just a few weeks!
I cannot wait!!!!!
I am working on my next project now…I should have it up really soon! 🙂



5 thoughts on “Planning our 5 year Wedding Anniversary trip!

  1. How fun! This is too funny because that's where my husband and I plan on spending a night when we celebrate our 2 year in October. We love it out there, it's gorgeous!

  2. I would love to do something special for my and Tim's wedding anniversary I am planning a night out it will be our 28th and it really doesn't seem that long and I can honestly say I am still in love with him………

  3. That place looks amazing!!!! Jon and I are coming up on 5 years next month! I don't know how much celebrating we'll do this year since Noah's first birthday falls the day before! Ah well! I can't wait to hear about that trip! It looks so peaceful and relaxing there!

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