What I’m Loving!

I haven’t linked up with Jamie for a while, so I thought I would go for it today!
My DIY art sign tutorial.  I am still getting so many lovely comments about it!  I ‘love’ looking at it in my living room everyday 🙂
I’m loving that my Hyacinths are confused by the warm weather we had in February.  I get an unexpected gift from them in the beginning of March. 

Hyacinths in a mason jar…LOVE!

I’m loving this new mascara I got from Tar.get.  It creates great curve, volume and it’s not clumpy!  Love!

I’m loving this awesome volumizing-root-lifter product.  It give me great volume at the roots and it makes any hairstyle look great!
My hair is particularly short right now, but I was still able to pull off the ‘Double Bun’, from Kate’s blog. Click for the tutorial! It’s hard to see what is going on, but it looked super cute!

I’m loving this blush I picked up from Tar.get.  It has great color that stays all day long!
I’m loving that I’m still getting sweet comments about my DIY hand stamped placemats.  Check out the tutorial HERE!

The baking jar labels are a great hit also!  I will send you the PDF template if you email me at TheSimpleThingsBlog{at}gmail{dot}com

Another fun project I worked on in February.  I LOVE how they turned out!
What are you loving?



2 thoughts on “What I’m Loving!

  1. I do love those hand stamped place mats! Love the design on them and what a quick project! I'm still in love with your "love" sign and I'm debating whether to make something similar to that. We have extra wood in the basement just calling my name!

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