Dress up OLD throw Pillows!

Last month, when my husband and I were working on giving our downstairs a makeover, our throw pillows were one of the things that had to go!
Old pillows.

I was not willing to pay the high price tag for some new pillows, so I decided to cover the ones that I had!
I went to Hancock Fabrics and found this beautiful upholstery fabric for 70% off, it was a steal. 
Here is what you’ll need:
Measure your current pillows to figure out how much fabric you need.
Push Pins
Sewing Machine

 Start by cutting your fabric into squares.

Then fold the very ends over and run a stitch along all sides of the pieces of fabric

Like so…
Put the fabric squares with nice sides facing in.

Place your zipper in the center of the fabric, put pins in where the zipper starts and ends, these are just used as markers.

Turn your sewing machine on the longest stitch and sew in between the 2 pins.

Iron the seam open, like shown.

Open the 2 pieces of fabric that should now be sewn together in that one small area.  Place your zipper just above the long stitches you just sewed.

Place the zipper right in the center of the seam.

Pin the zipper and sew the zipper on either side, to the fabric.

After the zipper is sewn on, flip the fabric over and use scissors or thread remover to take out the “long” stitches you had just sewn.  The result will be your zipper poking through!
Then sew up the rest of the edges of the pillow. (I don’t have photos because I got too excited and didn’t take any…OOPS!)
But there you have it.  It’s really simple to add a zipper and it makes the pillows looks so much more professional, not to mention the  fact that you can unzip the pillow cases and WASH them.  Hooray for that!

Happy sewing!



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