The BIG Reveal!

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I’m so excited to show off our before and after pictures!  We chose to makeover our entire downstairs, in under a month!  It was a pretty daunting task and we came SO SO close to finishing completely.  We are missing wall art in 2 key places.  Above our couches and behind our dining room table.  We already know what we are going to put in those places but it requires painting and building and the weather has not been permitting this entire week!  So we will hopefully finish it up this weekend and I will post some pictures!
***Updated to add:  I’m really disappointed in what “fotoflexer” did to the quality of my photos!  I use a nice DSLR and they look great on my computer, but not once I edited them in that program.  I’m going to post just the after pics in a separate post so you can see the details without the grainy-ness. ***Click here to see un-edited after photos for higher quality!
Now, for the good stuff!

How adorable is this basket I found at home goods?  It’s perfect to keep Lily’s toys in so she can get to them easily! 
I just love it!

My sweet little cousin playing my piano today 🙂

So….what do you think??  Can’t wait to get a few extra finishing touches done!

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6 thoughts on “The BIG Reveal!

  1. The rooms look fabulous! Love the new color on wall, especially with the pop of turquoise blue and white, and your new sectional and dining table & chairs look great! You've done SO much in just a few short weeks – I am so impressed! Thanks for sharing – I loved seeing your before and afters!! Congrats – enjoy your space!

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