Whew!  Between a complete downstairs makeover and keeping up with a busy work schedule and several other things….I am worn out!  I’m trying to find time to blog, but my schedule is not allowing such things.
We are so close to being done with the makeover.  Here is our list and our accomplishments:

Here are the things that will change:
*Paint the walls a grey-ish color
*Bring in new table, chairs and side table
*Bring in new sectional couch
*Make new curtains with my NEW sewing machine//Buy some curtains if I get too intimidated 🙂
*Completely re-decorate both rooms with new accessories
*Get new rug for living room
*Add crown moulding to the entire space

The following will happen AFTER we get our tax return 🙂
{new!}*Add wainscoting to the dining room
{new!}*Replace the chandelier in the dining room
{new!}*Put down hard wood/laminate/bamboo flooring

So, as you can see, we only have a few things left!  My biggest struggle right now is new accessories and wall art.  Scott and I are both really into paintings and photography and I just can’t find anything I like.  I’m going to continue my search and update as soon as I can!
I made some super easy pillow slip-covers and I am excited to share how to sew them.  It will save you tons of money.  Throw pillows are crazy expensive and I am just not okay with paying an arm and a leg for something I can make myself. 
I hope you haven’t abandoned me and are still reading 🙂
Oh!  And I am making our placemats for our table with this great stencil I found at Micha.el’s!  Can’t wait to share the end result!



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