Living Room Mood board

I am about to run up to the fabric store to buy fabric for pillows, but I wanted to share my living room mood board!
I created it using  
Here are my inspirations for our living room makeover:



2 thoughts on “Living Room Mood board

  1. I love your changes and am glad you're posting about them! Fun, fun! Love the yellow and gray! Anyway, about the bread…I was totally intimidated too but once you get going, it's soo easy and so worth it! I highly recommend going to the Bread Beckers website and ordering their free cd. SO informative!!! They are a Christian family out of Georgia and their testimony is amazing!! I buy whole grains locally (but you can also get them from them) and grind them myself into flour and bake that way. Sounds complicated but it's really not. Just trust me and get the cd and listen to it! 🙂 You will be so glad you did! (and it's free 🙂 )Let me know if you get it and what you think! 🙂 🙂

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