The changes so far…

A few days ago,  I posted about the changes that are to come in our living room/dining room makeover!  My husband and I have been working all weekend and I wanted to post a few sneak peeks at the progress!
Here are the things that will change:
*Paint the walls a grey-ish color
*Bring in new table, chairs and side table
*Bring in new sectional couch
*Make new curtains with my NEW sewing machine//Buy some curtains if I get too intimidated 🙂
*Completely re-decorate both rooms with new accessories
*Get new rug for living room
*Add crown moulding to the entire space

{new!}*Add wainscoting to the dining room
{new!}*Replace the chandelier in the dining room
{new!}*Paint various pieces of furniture to transform them to fit in with the new design
We sold our black couches on Saturday.  Craigs.list is my new best friend, we sold 2 things within 2 days on Craigs.list.  I love it!  Here is our living room right after they took the couches away:

 Here is the first sneak peek at our new couch!  We went and picked it up Saturday morning.  Lily made herself right at home on them, she is a trip!  Do you like the color?  I do!  That green rug has got to go!
 Here is a better photo of the sectional.  Don’t you just love how clean it looks? I love the way they have those buttons on it to pull the fabric and give it some shape.  I don’t like a big frumpy couch.  And if we push the ottoman up in that corner, it makes the perfect movie watching spot for 2 people 🙂
Here is the dining room after they picked up the table.  Scott has the drop cloth down and is ready to paint!

Sneak peek at the wall color!!!  Do you like it?  I don’t want to reveal too much 🙂

I found these amazing curtains at home goods on Sunday.  I couldn’t pass them up!  I haven’t decided if they will be too “heavy” for the room, but we’ll see! 
I will hang the curtains when we are done painting.

We are completely switching the layout of our living room, which I’m so excited about.  We got a pair of these beautiful lamps on Sunday.  Don’t you love?!  So classy and simplistic.

Here is the “builder grade” chandelier that is currently in our dining room.  It’s a joke, right?  That’s going ‘bye bye’!

These little side tables will be getting a fresh coat of paint.  Probably in a white or off white color. 

I can’t decide what to do with these shelves.  If I keep them, I will paint them white or off white…but I can’t decided if I want to keep them…thoughts?  I will also paint the green accessories on those shelves. 

These are our old window treatments and they are getting a total facelift.  I can’t wait!
Whew!  So that is my “quick” update and sneak peek!  I would love to hear your thoughts, suggestions or opinions!!! 

I’m sharing this project at:

Thistlewood Farm

Shine Your Light

My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia

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