Out with the Old and in with the New!

I’m linking to a Before and After Party for my living room/dining room makeover.  Post the “before” pics on the first Friday of the month and the “after” pics on the last Friday.  🙂

Shine Your Light

I’ve been talking a lot about our master bedroom makeover.  I’m really excited about it because we haven’t done much with our master bedroom since we moved in(*ahem* three years ago!).
  However, my husband and I have hated disliked our living room couches since the day we spent $50 on them(from someone we knew, I would never buy a couch from a thrift shop.  ew.) 6 years ago.  They are black, which is fine.  But the worst part is that they are fake leather, which makes them cold and not very comfy.  The only nice part about them is that they are super easy to clean and when we have people over I couldn’t care less if someone dumped an entire bowl of punch on them.  Ha!  But, every time we start looking for new couches we always think of where else we could put that money…you know, Caribbean Cruises, A trip to Alaska or maybe even Europe?  But here lately, we’ve been getting the itch to replace these hideous beasts:
Scott really wants a sectional with a chaise.  While shopping at Costco the other day, Scott spotted a very reasonably priced grey sectional, like this one, just with a chaise:

So, if we get that grey couch, we would need to change up most of our decorations and paint colors.  Which I am totally fine with and so is Scott.
Also, as I type, Scott is showing our dining room table to a couple from craigslist.  When we bought the table 3 years ago we bought it thinking we would have our families over for meals often.  Turns out when you have big families, they are all going different directions and it’s rare that we are all at one place at one time.  So, our monstrous counter-height dining room table with 8 chairs quickly became unnecessary.  Not to mention the fact that it’s nearly impossible to scoot your chair in once you sit down.    Yeah, crazy! I put it up on Craigslist yesterday and….Scott sold it today!  Hooray for free money!
My brother-in-law and his wife are moving to NC and are selling a lot of their furniture.  So, we are replacing our old table:

With this gorgeous new one!  And the little side table also!

I’m so excited, I can hardly stand it!!  The smaller table will fit perfectly and the fact that it’s off-white makes it even better!  After selling the old table and buying the new one, we will have about $250 leftover.  We plan to use that to paint the walls and put crown molding up{insert squeal here}!
All that to say, our master bedroom will be put on hold until we finish re-doing the downstairs.  I can’t wait!

Here are the things that will change:
*Paint the walls a grey-ish color
*Bring in new table, chairs and side table
*Bring in new sectional couch
*Make new curtains with my NEW sewing machine
*Completely re-decorate both rooms with new accessories
*Get new rug for living room
*Add crown moulding to the entire space

Wish me luck!

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5 thoughts on “Out with the Old and in with the New!

  1. Wow Kristin – your living room and dining room? How exciting!! Look forward to seeing how your new furniture (and possibly new wall color!) comes together – I think the new couch and table are going to look fantastic. Thanks so much for linking up to Before & After. Look forward to following along as you change up your space!

  2. So fun!!! I LOVE your new table!! Isn't it funny the things us girls get excited about!! Jon asked me what I want for my birthday and all I want is a bench for my entryway. Call me old, whatever! ha! Can't wait to see your transformations! 🙂

  3. Hey, just saw your comment on my blog about the farmhouse bed. We have a king and already had the paint on hand so it cost about &250.00. That is for the whole bed (headboard, foot board and frame) So far, he has only completed the headboard (that's what I pictured on the blog) but working on the rest this weekend. It is SO sturdy and like you said, definitely cool that we made it ourself. I'm sure it will be our bed forever. I love all of your inspirations for redecorating! We are in the process of doing our bedroom/bathroom and then our entryway, so fun! I could do this stuff everyday!

  4. Ashleigh– I know! I feel so old when painting my house excites me, haha! That's okay though :-)Thanks for the info on the bed. I love that you know it was built well and the fact that Jon built it makes it that much cooler! I bet it will become a family heirloom one day! I'm going to show Scott the plans and see what he thinks 🙂

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