Fix Broken Makeup!{Tutorial}

 Who doesn’t hate to break your favorite eyeshadow, blush or bronzer?  You know what I’m talking about…that powdery mess it turns into?  

Recently while we were in Hawaii, during the 12 hour flight, my favorite victorias se.cre.t eyeshadow shattered in to a million pieces 😦  I discovered a secret to “piece” your broken makeups back together, here it is:
You can see my sad broken shadow below…What a mess!
 Take a little rubbing alcohol, dip your fingers in it and drop some drips onto the eyeshadow.
You will notice that the makeup absorbs the alcohol almost instantly.  Once you have dripped the alcohol all over the makeup, press and smooth with your fingers.  Some of it will stick to your fingers, but most of it will smooth out just like it was before it broke. 
Let it set overnight and here is the final result!

 It’s like new!  The photo below is me holding the eyeshadow upside down so you can see how it holds. 
The alcohol gets absorbed very quickly and the smell disenegrates, so it doesn’t smell like rubbing alcohol.  

Speaking of travel and Hawaii, it was so warm this Christmas, I decided to sport my plumeria clip from Hawaii.  My family got a kick out of it. 

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